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Nepali Congress and UCPN(Maoist) Weigh Next Moves

Posted by n3wday on March 8, 2010

This article was published by People’s Review. We would like to caution our readers when viewing this article. It is being posted because it contains information that may be of some interest to our readers.

Change of guard: UCPN-M plan

After UCPN-Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal’s proposal to Nepali Congress (NC) chairman Girija Prasad Koirala to become the prime minister, a strong jolt has been witnessed in the NC. When this was proposed, Girija had remained silent.

However, his only daughter, and deputy prime minister in the government, soon after condemned the present government leadership and opined that the time has come to think about an alternative government. Sujata lambasted the present government for not being able to fulfill the people’s aspirations. It is quite odd to notice that a sitting minister is condemning the government like an opposition leader. Some of her party colleagues, reacting on such remarks made by Sujata, suggested her to quit the government if she is not happy with the performance of the government. Sujata’s remarks were in support of the UCPN-M agenda of formation of another government led by Girija with the cooperation of the UCPN-M.

Immediately after Sujata’s remarks, NC spokesman Arjun Narsingh KC said that if the Maoist has such a desire, the party should make clear that such a decision was made by it on behalf of the NC. KC underlined that Sujata’s remarks were her personal views and they do not represent the NC party’s views. General secretary Bimilendra Nidhi strongly opposed such remarks made by Sujata and advised her to quit the government if she is unhappy with the government. Nidhi believed that the present coalition government should continue.

Gagan Thapa, youth leader in the NC, opined that if the Maoist had such a desire, the NC leaders are ready to lead the government, but except Girija, others can lead it. “Girijababu is now a God and he should remain in the temple of High Level Political Mechanism by giving up the desire of becoming the PM again”, said Thapa. Sher Bahadur Deuba, former PM, said the Maoist proposal for changing the government is yet another strategy to make fool of the NC.

Bijaya Gachhadar of the Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party (Democratic), who is also the senior deputy prime minister in the government, said that there is no chance of any change in the government. The desire of toppling down the government is just a wishful thinking of the Maoists, he said. “If the Maoists are eager to come to power, they may join the present government,” said Gachhadar.

Meanwhile, ten political parties in the present coalition government asked PM Madhab Kumar Nepal to seek clarification from Sujata against her recent remarks about the government. The meeting of the ten parties in the alliance government also gave their support to the present government for its continuation.

HLPM mission:

Clearly, the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPM) was constituted in the interest of the UCPN-M. That’s why some political observers have described it as a “club for political conspiracy”.  PM Nepal, who is all aware about the HLPM conspiracy, has boycotted one after another meeting of the Mechanism. To recall, PM Nepal is an invited member in the Mechanism.

Sujata Koirala, in the status of Foreign Minister, has also asked for the status of an invited member in the HLPM. In fact Sujata’s intention is to occupy the position of her father by sidelining all the senior leaders in the Party. Meanwhile, Bijaya Gachhadar said that unless there is the inclusion of the tarai based parties in the HLPM, there is no significance of the Mechanism.

On the other hand, the UCPN-M leaders are expressing the hope that all the issues raised by the UCPN-M can be resolved through the Mechanism. In this regard, the party has postponed its scheduled agitation which has concentrated mostly in lambasting India, as well as the nationwide bandh programme for the time being.

Maoist strategy:

UCPN-M leaders have reached to the conclusion that by launching an India centered agitation, the party cannot benefit. Therefore, the party has decided to tone down its anti-Indian campaign. Meanwhile, the Party has also reached to a conclusion that New Delhi is not in a mood to allow the largest party in the CA, the UCPN-M, to lead the government. The Party, as per the strategy, has decided to provoke power greedy Girija Prasad Koirala to lead the new government instead.

The Party’s politburo meeting held recently adopted the strategy of “peace and timely drafting of the new constitution” initiated by Dr Baburam Bhattarai. Mohan Vaidya, so far, had opined for initiating a final struggle as the party failed to achieve success even after launching its third phase of agitation. However, the majority of the politburo members decided to give focus on the peace process and drafting of the constitution on time. Bhattarai’s concept was to make strong the republican structure prior to launching its final struggle. But if any attempt is made to dissolve the CA or take any regressive efforts, the Party will launch its final struggle anytime, according to a high level source in the UCPN-M.

Meanwhile, as the Party has seen danger of counter revolution, it is not going to be disarmed immediately. The Party has also reached to a conclusion that in every party, there are people seeking for revolutionary change and decided to join hands with those people in other parties. It is believed that as NC’s Girija and UML chairman Jhalanath Khanal are found friendly towards the UCPN-M, the Party has decided to develop further relations with those Maoist friendly forces.


4 Responses to “Nepali Congress and UCPN(Maoist) Weigh Next Moves”

  1. are you paying attention? said

    Yesterday, 10 parties including Congress said they would “never” accept a Maoist-led government. At the same time, the Maoists said they would accept no army integration offers of less than 15,000 troops. They have said there will be no integration except for a new people-centered constitution under a government they lead. The Maoists have no intention of disbanding the YCL, nor of conceding defeat by dismantling their armed forces unless that is part of a total state restructuring, under a new constitution that is produced by a government they lead.

    These are simple facts. They should be reported by websites which claim to support the revolutions in South Asia.

    It remains confusing why disinformation article, such as this factional rant from Congress, a despised and weak party of the old monarchy, are being reposted from the reactionary press as if they contained news. This isn’t news, but reactionary propaganda of a fairly obvious sort.

  2. n3wday said

    Thanks for the information. If you feel there are important articles that should be spread, please, provide links and we will post them immediately.

    We have throughout the history of this site posted articles from reactionary sources if they happened to contain interesting bits of information we thought would interest our readers—which I thought there was some of towards the end of the article. Often times we include a disclaimer at the beginning of the article, which I forgot to do in this case. It is now fixed.

    Sarcasm isn’t helpful, but links are… So…

  3. Mike E said

    Part of this issue here is that there is major reactionary propaganda….

    and just reposting without analysis may not be informative.

    Look again at the head line of this piece — might not readers see it as implying that what follows is accurate?

  4. Ka Frank said

    Our readers know that they must take mainstream press reports on the internal deliberations of parties, including the UCPNM, with a grain of salt. While the promotion of someone from the NC as PM doesn’t jive with Prachanda’s plans to head the next government, the report of adifference brtweeen BB andKiran is consistent with past practice and statements.

    If the gap between news assertion and reality is too great, we should write an intro pointing this out, but I don’t think it’s necessary with this article.

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