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Nepali Congress Opposes New Government, Demands Dissolution of YCL

Posted by n3wday on March 13, 2010

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Change of guard not necessary: NC Spokesperson

Nepali Congress (NC) spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC said on Thursday that  his party is not in favour of changing  government. “We don’t believe that a new government will perform better than this one,” said KC.  The incumbent government is capable of bringing in new dimensions in the nation if all the political parties agreed to work together, the NC leader said.

Speaking at the 15th general convention of Save The Environment of Nepal in Chandanighapur of Rautahat district today, KC urged all the political parties to focus on constitution drafting process rather than indulging in the game of forming and toppling government. He remarked that a new government under the leadership of Maoist can not even be imagined unless they dissolve YCL and their arms and combatants are managed

While accusing the Maoists of dilly-dallying in the army integration process, which he said was against the line of commitments made in the peace accord, the NC spokesperson claimed that the Maoists are driven by the strategy to capture the state power. KC also expressed his dissatisfaction over the UNMIN’s role in the Nepal’s peace process.


2 Responses to “Nepali Congress Opposes New Government, Demands Dissolution of YCL”

  1. are you paying attention? said

    The Army Chief of Staff today gave detailed statements opposing any integration of the Maoist forces. This is yet another major violation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that brought the current constitutional process into being.

    Also of note, the UN’s local reps have been under sharp attack from the congress party and UML for their neutrality. The Maoists have been impeccable in following the letter of agreements, which the UN has repeatedly noted to the dissatisfaction of those trying to block the constitution (and by extension keep the Maoists from power).

    It might be worth finding those UNMIN statements, as well as stories about this ballsy entry into politics by the head of the currently autonomous National Army.

  2. NSPF said

    I think we should read the following op-ed very carefuly. This seems to be a significant development with a potentially far reaching consequence. I think it is a cleverly crafted dangerous political banana skin for the ucpnm. Anyone who is managed/steered to expect that this is the path to progress for Nepal is soon going to start blaming the Maoists as spoilers of and obstacles to that “progress”. It is part of the heart and mind game.

    When you start playing kabbadi and the rules of the game have been changed so that you only play in their turf, these banana skins can be very deadly.

    All systems go
    Aditya Baral MAR 13 –

    Never before has the tourism fraternity felt so united and powerful for a campaign that has drawn the attention of everybody from political heavyweights to the common people. The launching of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 (NTY) on Feb. 26, 2010 in Kathmandu has proved to those who believed that only political rallies could gather people as the programme was inundated with more than 50,000 people from all walks of life. For both tourism enthusiasts and laymen, organising such an event ahead of the schedule has been appreciated by many people with wide-eyed amazement.

    The success of this campaign in the capital has encouraged the organiser to replicate it in others parts of country soon. This programme was mooted to incorporate spontaneous voluntarism for the greater cause of economic development through tourism and to prove that it is a vehicle for future growth. And the litmus test has given us a clear nod to go ahead. The enormous response to the event was beyond the anticipation of anyone. From this perspective, the event was a harbinger of a successful mission.

    The launching of the campaign ahead of time seems to have perplexed many people. However, as part of a core team, we reached a conclusion that without the commitment of all strata of people, national campaigns like this, which permeate the national frontiers in view of promotion, would remain incomplete. This would happen if the apex level of national stakeholders do not imbibe the idea and fully immerse themselves for the greater cause of economic development. In the past, paying lip service to shunning strikes and bandas was the daily routine of political leaders. However, this time, the team concentrated on obtaining written commitments from national leaders to relieve the nation from the agony of past practices. And, finally, with due respect, the leaders delivered what they were supposed to.

    In this endeavour, without hesitation, all the tourism stakeholders have already expressed their thanks to all the political parties and their leaders for standing by the cause of the nation in cognizance of the painful compromises that they will have to make. Now, it is up to the people to evaluate the commitment espoused by the leaders and their parties in realizing the goal of national development through a participatory approach.

    The goal of one million tourists, however, does not belong only to the NTY secretariat and its industry associates. As its benefits trickle down to the parties and their respective leaders, the ball is in their court too. And we all have realised that peace is the major ingredient that helps drive tourism and other trades. At this juncture, we can even go to the extent of saying that peace is mandatory for tourism. The continual rise in tourist arrivals in the last nine months is sufficient to justify the role of peace. Hence, the economic players are not expecting much from the state or the parties; they are humbly requesting the leaders and parties to take a lead role by applying a moratorium on strikes and bandas till the end of 2011. The reason behind hoisting the national flag along with the flags of the political parties on the day of the launch was to show solidarity for national development irrespective of party, caste, creed or profession.

    What next? The launch is over and the official inauguration is hitherto awaited. What would happen between the year 2010 and 2011? We all know that Nepal is struggling to transform the youngest republic into an able economic hub of Asia. The present state of the nation or priorities obviously tries to eclipse the motive of NTY 2011. It is indeed a challenge at this juncture to shine a light through the darkness.

    Thus, roping in the support of all the political parties, international Nepal lovers, local stakeholders, the government and donors and guaranteeing their cooperation till the end of 2011 is a mammoth challenge that the organisers would encounter in the days to come. Likewise, transforming the commitment into spirit and practice will be another huge challenge. The people have shown their solidarity for the cause, but how far the leaders will support them remains to be seen.

    So far so good! At least everyone is now on the same deck irrespective of their individual interests. The spirit of solidarity would not allow anyone to deviate from their commitments, whether expressed in writing or orally. If the goals are the same, the mission can be completed even with many players.

    NTY 2011 aims at redrawing the attention of the people of all walks of life, national and international, by synthesising the programmes devised by various individuals and institutions, guaranteeing warm cooperation in the form of carrying out individual responsibilities, enhancing the service capacity of providers, and directing all the activities — be it in rural or urban areas — towards establishing tourism as the bulwark of our economy.

    (The author is director, PR and Publicity Department, Nepal Tourism Board)

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