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UCPNM Preparing for No Confidence Motion in UML-NC Government

Posted by n3wday on March 15, 2010

This article was published on Nepal News.

Maoists preparing to float no confidence motion against govt

The main opposition Unified CPN (Maoist) is preparing to challenge the Madhav Kumar-led government by tabling a no confidence motion against it at the parliament . The party is currently busy collecting signatures of its lawmakers to submit a proposal for a special session of legislature-parliament on Sunday.

Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal including senior leaders of the party are present at the Maoist parliamentary party meeting being held in Singha Durbar where the signatures are being collected.

Concluding that the current government has failed to maintain law and order in the country and guarantee a timely constitution and successful conclusion of the peace process, the party is collecting signatures of its lawmakers to call a special House session where in the party is expected to float a vote of no confidence against the government. The party is preparing to register the proposal at the parliamentary secretariat today.

The Maoists hope that the vote of no confidence against the government will pave way for the formation of a Maoist-led “national unity” government the party has been calling for since quite some time.

As per the Interim Constitution, the special session of the parliament can be called if one fourth of the 601 member legislature-parliament signs the proposal to call a special House session. To call the special session the Maoists need the signatures of 152 lawmakers, a number it can easily garner.

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Just Published: Operation Green Hunt — India’s War on the People

Posted by n3wday on March 15, 2010

A collection of essays from Democracy and Class Struggle.

The book is 76 pages long and contains articles by Amit Bhattacharyya, Radha D’Souza, Satnam and Buta Singh and interviews with G.N Saibaba on Operation Green Hunt.

There is also the latest interview with Ganapathy General Secretary of CPI Maoist and interviews with Kisenji.

The book contains the full statement issued 14th February 2010 by the Co-ordination Committee of Revolutionary Communists of Britain on Solidarity with India’s Indigenous Tribes against Social Discrimination and International Mining Exploitation.

To buy a copy visit here :

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CPP-New People’s Army Opposes May Elections, Launches Successful Tactical Offensives

Posted by Ka Frank on March 15, 2010

The four articles that appear here–two commentaries on the elections and two reports on recent military victories over the Philippine Army–lay out the position of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military arm, the NPA, on the upcoming national elections in May and their basic strategy to  “arouse, organize and mobilize the people in mass struggles and the armed struggle.” These articles and the CPP’s bimonthly newspaper, Ang Bayan, are available on the Philippine Revolution website.

“The NPA views elections under a reactionary state as a power struggle amongst various factions of the ruling classes. It neither participates nor can it decide the outcome of these elections. On the other hand, the NPA upholds that the genuine democratic elections that reflect the peoples’ choices take place among local organs of political power organized in revolutionary base areas in the countryside.”

Walk the talk
Chadli Molintas Command, NPA-Ilocos-Cordillera Region, March 10, 2010

Recent ridiculous allegations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines linking a presidential candidate and more than 50 politicians to the New People’s Army highlight once again the apalling ineptitude of the Arroyo regime’s propaganda and psywar machinery.

As proof, the AFP presented an intelligence report that listed the names of politicians supporting the NPA, and said a decision to support a presidential candidate in exchange for money was passed by the Communist Party of the Philippines during its anniversary meeting in barangay Aguid, Sagada, Mountain Province last December 28, 2009.

The depths from which the AFP dredges up data for its intelligence report is so murky and slimy that even its own officers are confused. The CPP anniversary is on the 26 of December, and no meeting to decide whom to endorse for president th ever took place last December in barangay Aguid or in any part of the Cordillera. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bhattarai Says No to New Constitution Unless PLA Units Integrated into Nepal Army

Posted by Ka Frank on March 15, 2010

This article appeared in The Himalayan.

Bhattarai warns of conflict for 12-point breach

POKHARA: UCPN-Maoist vice chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the new constitution will not be promulgated before PLA combatants are integrated.

He was speaking briefly at the Pokhara Airport on Thursday. 

Bhattarai reasoned that the new constitution and peace process could not be accomplished without the integration of the PLA combatants.

He added that the qualified fighters should be integrated in bulk.

 Bhattarai accused some party leaders and Ministers for conspiring on the army integration and statute drafting processes. He warned of new conflict if the 12 point agreement is breached.

 However, the vice chairman said that there is no alternative to unity among the political parties.

He expressed his satisfaction over the performance of the High Level Political Mechanism. 

Slamming the preconditions for a Maoist-led government put forth by the CPN-UML, Bhattarai said that it can be discussed though it has no compulsion.

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