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Bhattarai Says No to New Constitution Unless PLA Units Integrated into Nepal Army

Posted by Ka Frank on March 15, 2010

This article appeared in The Himalayan.

Bhattarai warns of conflict for 12-point breach

POKHARA: UCPN-Maoist vice chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the new constitution will not be promulgated before PLA combatants are integrated.

He was speaking briefly at the Pokhara Airport on Thursday. 

Bhattarai reasoned that the new constitution and peace process could not be accomplished without the integration of the PLA combatants.

He added that the qualified fighters should be integrated in bulk.

 Bhattarai accused some party leaders and Ministers for conspiring on the army integration and statute drafting processes. He warned of new conflict if the 12 point agreement is breached.

 However, the vice chairman said that there is no alternative to unity among the political parties.

He expressed his satisfaction over the performance of the High Level Political Mechanism. 

Slamming the preconditions for a Maoist-led government put forth by the CPN-UML, Bhattarai said that it can be discussed though it has no compulsion.


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