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CPP-New People’s Army Opposes May Elections, Launches Successful Tactical Offensives

Posted by Ka Frank on March 15, 2010

The four articles that appear here–two commentaries on the elections and two reports on recent military victories over the Philippine Army–lay out the position of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military arm, the NPA, on the upcoming national elections in May and their basic strategy to  “arouse, organize and mobilize the people in mass struggles and the armed struggle.” These articles and the CPP’s bimonthly newspaper, Ang Bayan, are available on the Philippine Revolution website.

“The NPA views elections under a reactionary state as a power struggle amongst various factions of the ruling classes. It neither participates nor can it decide the outcome of these elections. On the other hand, the NPA upholds that the genuine democratic elections that reflect the peoples’ choices take place among local organs of political power organized in revolutionary base areas in the countryside.”

Walk the talk
Chadli Molintas Command, NPA-Ilocos-Cordillera Region, March 10, 2010

Recent ridiculous allegations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines linking a presidential candidate and more than 50 politicians to the New People’s Army highlight once again the apalling ineptitude of the Arroyo regime’s propaganda and psywar machinery.

As proof, the AFP presented an intelligence report that listed the names of politicians supporting the NPA, and said a decision to support a presidential candidate in exchange for money was passed by the Communist Party of the Philippines during its anniversary meeting in barangay Aguid, Sagada, Mountain Province last December 28, 2009.

The depths from which the AFP dredges up data for its intelligence report is so murky and slimy that even its own officers are confused. The CPP anniversary is on the 26 of December, and no meeting to decide whom to endorse for president th ever took place last December in barangay Aguid or in any part of the Cordillera.

A few weeks ago, an AFP report leaked to media claimed that the NPA collected P56.71 million in the 2004 elections and P27.67 in the 2007 elections. Last March 8, media reported that Maj. Gen. Ruperto Pabustan, commander of the 9th Infantry Division, and several other high-ranking AFP officers appeared before the COMELEC to seek the disqualification of candidates they suspect to be giving financial and material support to the NPA in the form of permit-to-campaign or permit-to-win fees.

Commisioner Rene Sarmiento quickly supported the AFP by quoting a spurious report that the NPA collected P1.5 billion and P2 billion during the 2004 and 2007 elections, and might raise up to P5 billion in the coming elections. The AFP report that politicians paid tens of millions of pesos to the NPA is wrong and unbelievable. Sarmiento’s statement is truly out of this world.

The NPA views elections under a reactionary state as a power struggle amongst various factions of the ruling classes. It neither participates nor can it decide the outcome of these elections. On the other hand, the NPA upholds that the genuine democratic elections that reflect the peoples’ choices take place among local organs of political power organized in revolutionary base areas in the countryside.

It is the COMELEC that manufactures electoral victories, even for candidates who were not the peoples’ choice. It did so when it proclaimed Gloria Arroyo as president in 2004. It continues to do so when it recently roclaimed as winners Lilia Pineda, Benjamin Dy, and Roberto Pagdanganan over incumbent and known critics of Gloria Arroyo.

If the AFP and the COMELEC want to disqualify candidates whom they claim paid the NPA for permits-to-campaign, then they should start with presidential son Dato Arroyo whom the military says paid up to P7 million. While they are at it, they should include presidential economic adviser and Albay Gov. Joey Salceda whom the military allege delivered the young Arroyo’s payment. Dato Arroyo and Gov. Salceda are within the area of responsibility of the 9th ID. Let’s see if Maj. Gen. Pabustan can walk the talk.

Martin Montana, Spokesperson

Candidates in reactionary election must recognize revolutionary government

March 12, 2010

Reacting to statements by the 8th Infantry Division and Eastern Samar Gov. Ben Evardone, the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas said today that there already two governments in the country and the revolutionary movement does not simply accept bribes to let reactionary politicians win in the election. “Perhaps Gov. Evardone is oblivious and disgruntled because he is deeply involved in the corrupt and rotten Arroyo government as well as the military,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson.

“But there are already two governments in the country, two different laws, two different systems of life. If the reactionaries want to campaign in the areas controlled by the revolutionary movement, they must recognize the revolutionary government. This is so because the revolutionary government is safeguarding the best interests of the people, ensuring law and order, and taking care that current programs and policies are not upset by the entrance of candidates in the reactionary election.

“Furthermore, reactionary politicians are only permitted acces to the revolutionary areas and not endorsed in any way. In fact, Gov. Evardone is probably sour-graping because the people dislike him for his ties to the Arroyo regime; all the perfumes of Arabia cannot help him.”

Fr. Salas also ridiculed Col. Rico for saying that the revolutionary movement coerces the people to sway their votes. “The revolutionary movement does not believe in the election, but many people still hope that it is the means for change. For the revolutionary movement, the people’s democratic revolution is the way to change, and armed struggle is the principal means of struggle.

Rather than deceive the people that the reactionary election can help them, the revolutionary movement arouses, organizes and mobilizes the people in mass struggles and the armed struggle. As anyone can see, the revolutionary movement is vindicated on its stand, because the current election is shaping up to be as dirty, violent and irrelevant as ever.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson also cautioned the people against the Arroyo regime’s scheming to grab power in the event of election failure. “The appointment of Gen. Delfin Bangit, an old hand of Arroyo in election cheating, is a grim warning that Arroyo still dangerously aspires to remain in power. The people must remain vigilant and ready to denounce any moves by Arroyo to steal the election or do away with it altogether to remain seated.”

AFP to suffer more losses after big defeat in Mindoro–CPP

March 8, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lauded the New People’s Army in Mindoro for its successful tactical offensive Saturday morning that practically wiped out a platoon of fascist troops in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro. The NPA ambushed a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) resulting in the death of 11 soldiers and the wounding of eight troopers.

The number of soldiers wiped out in the Oriental Mindoro ambush was the biggest loss suffered so far by government forces this year. Since the start of this year, at least 40 AFP officers and soldiers have been killed and 43 wounded in action as the NPA stepped up its tactical offensives nationwide. The CPP has directed the NPA to launch more tactical offensives in an effort to implement its objective of reaching the strategic stalemate stage of its people’s war by mid-decade.

“The AFP is bound to suffer bigger losses this year. The Mindoro tactical offensive will be surpassed several times over by more NPA tactical offensives in various provinces. NPA Red fighters are keen on seizing the biggest ever number of weapons from the AFP in the coming months as growing numbers of NPA recruits need to be armed.”

“The Filipino people are elated with the NPA’s tactical military victory in Mindoro. The tactical offensive is just punishment for the hideous crimes and human rights abuses perpetrated by the fascist troops of the AFP,” said the CPP.

The CPP noted that the 23rd DRC belongs to the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Division which was responsible for the illegal arrest, trumped-up charges, torture and other violations of human rights of 43 health workers in Morong, Rizal last February 6. The health workers continue to be detained and suffer various deprivations at the Philippine Army headquarters in Tanay, Rizal.

The CPP said the successful tactical offensive in Oriental Mindoro undeniably shows the continuing vitality of people’s war and the strength possessed by the NPA and its valiant Red fighters. “With the deep and broad support of the peasant masses, the iron determination Red fighters to fight, creative application of guerrilla tactics and mastery of the terrain, the people’s army continues to be an invincible force, which a rotten mercenary and fascist armed forces, such as the AFP, cannot defeat.”

“The fascist enemy forces are bound to commit more and more military fumbles and political foulups in their desperation to suppress the Filipino people’s revolutionary resistance and stop the relentless growth of people’s war nationwide,” said the CPP in reaction to a statement by the AFP’s Southern Luzon Command that the commanding officer of the ambushed platoon may only have committed a “tactical blunder.”

The AFP has launched several division-size operations in different regions since the start of the year but these have consistently been rebuffed by the deft maneuvers and counter-offensives of the NPA. “The AFP’s repeated promise to reduce the armed revolution to insignificance if not decimate it by the end of last year has blown up in its face,” added the CPP.

Recent Red Army ambush vs 25th IB-AFP, stern warning against AFP-warlords clique this election

Roel Agustin II, Conrado Heredia Command Spokesman

Front 20 Operations Command, New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao

March 8, 2010

The fascist troops of 25th IB-AFP have yet again incurred fresh casualties following the successful ambuscade of the New People’s Army, March 5, in Monkayo town, Compostela Valley Province.

The ambush, which lasted an hour at dawn on Friday, left four dead and many severely wounded of the 70-strong Alpha Coy of the 25th IB-AFP under 1Lt. Inocencio. Red fighters of Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command-NPA engaged the enemy at Purok 7, Brgy. Salvacion.

The ambushed troops were part of the Brigade-operation spread around the adjacent barangays of gold-rich Diwalwal: the Alpha and Bravo companies in Brgy. Katipanan to Brgy. Pasian and the Charlie Coy in Brgy. Diwalwal. Special Operations Team (SOTs), armed troops that capitalize on civilian population for cover, also forcibly conducted anti-revolutionary consultations and meetings among residents.

Two days after the ambush, March 7, at around 2PM, elements of Bravo Coy under 2Lt. Dacayo held at gunpoint and harassed nine civilians in Km. 56, Brgy. Pasian. Farmers’ food supplies were also confiscated as food blockade were mounted in communities.

The mercenary 25th IB-AFP can no longer hoodwink the people as to the real intention of their “clearing operations.” Time and again, its troops have proven themselves lowly henchmen for big local and foreign mining excursions in Monkayo, especially now that Higanteng Bato, a government-declared gold reserves site, is up for bidding.

And in the fevered electoral campaign of the reactionary government, the 25th IB-AFP is also on the beck and call of the rabidly anti-people warlords as Compostela Valley Board Member Joselito Brillantes and Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes to secure victory in the polls come May. In many areas in Monkayo, the 25th IB-AFP troops are shamelessly campaigning for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s lapdog Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, who is faring despicably in the presidential race.

The revolutionary government warns politicians who cuddle and employ armed groups in the election campaign. The Red Army shall render them legitimate targets and will penalize candidates who will not coordinate in their campaign in our base areas.

As the AFP runs berserk in its mercenary and fascist shenanigans, the Red Army meanwhile is undeniably gaining ground and consolidating the revolutionary movement’s influence nationwide.

In the series of tactical offensives since last year in Monkayo alone, we have seized more firearms, beefed up our ranks, inflicted major head and body blows against the enemy and gained more concrete experiences in guerrilla warfare. In the face of these glaring victories in the military and political arenas of the People’s War, the AFP and arrantly rotten reactionary government of GMA are stunned in humiliation, and less than three months before its self-imposed deadline, will be in haywire in order to overturn or at least downplay the patent defect of the Oplan Bantay Laya.

We enjoin the Filipino people to be vigilant of the maneuverings of the Arroyo administration this election and maximize the mounting conflict of the ruling class to advance the people’s interest for land reform, wage, social services and other democratic rights. The Red Army and the revolutionary government shall remain the people’s vanguards, in the same way that the People’s war is the lone answer to the people’s dream of national liberation.

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