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Nepal: UN Blames Reactionary Parties for Failure

Posted by n3wday on March 16, 2010

Lynn Pacoe

This article was published on Nepal News.

This statement was issued by the UN just before the Maoists decision to bring a “no confidence” vote against the current government.  It undermines some of the ideological justification for foreign intervention in Nepal by  India, whose intrigues have U.S. backing.

U.S. intervention includes the continuing (and completely unjustified) placement of the UCPNM on the U.S. “terrorist” watch list.

UNMIN being blamed to conceal the failures of political parties, claims top UN official

Visiting United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, B. Lynn Pascoe, has made it clear that the actual number of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants living in UN-monitored cantonments and other information on them can’t be shared. He also accused the political parties here of putting the blame on UNMIN in order to hide their own failures.

Referring to Nepal government’s request to UNMIN to provide information on Maoist combatants in the cantonments, Pascoe bluntly said that the actual number of Maoist combatants can’t be shared and it will remain a secret. He said the information on the combatants should be kept secret as per the understanding reached between the government and the Maoists and that UNMIN will honestly abide by it (the understanding).

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