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UNMIN Claims It May Not Be Able to Stay in Nepal For Long

Posted by n3wday on March 18, 2010

This article was published in Telegraph Nepal on March 15, 2010.

UNMIN with limited mandate prefers to quit Nepal

The United Nations’ Political Mission in Nepal, UNMIN, which has been in controversy since its official arrival, 23 January 2007, for its presumed pro Maoist posture has threatened to pull out from Nepal.

Karin Landgren, the UNMIN Chief accompanied by some UNMIN officials held consultations with major political parties of Nepal, Sunday March 14, 2010, over matters pertaining to integration of Maoists’ militias, wherein it is reported that the UNMIN officials conveyed Nepali political actors that in the prevailing circumstances with little capacity to assist the peace process, the UNMIN cannot stay longer in Nepal.

The UNMIN representatives held the meeting at a five star hotel somewhere in Lalitpur wherein leaders like Krishna Prasad Sitaula of Nepali Congress, Ishwor Pokharel of United Marxist Leninists and Krishna Bahadur Mahara of Unified Maoists’ Party attended the meeting. Mr. Mahara had earlier claimed that, India-Nepal’s southern neighbor was not in favor of UNMIN’s presence in Nepal and that anti-UNMIN remarks were being made as per the diktats of India.

Samuel Tamrat- deputy head of UNMIN had directly asked the leaders during the meeting to provide alternative to UNMIN. But Tamart, as reported by the media, made it clear to the leaders that the UNMIN with its limited mandate cannot continue with its Nepal mission for long.

The local media here in Nepal, The Peoples’ Review English Weekly and The Jan Manch vernacular Weekly, to be precise in the year 2006, had claimed that it was Tamrat’s excessive hobnobbing with the leaders of Nepal and India during his fortnight stay in the region, encouraged the Nepali leaders to declare Nepal a secular State.


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