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Nepal: Maoist Leader Denies ‘No Confidence’ Motion Will be Brought Against Government

Posted by n3wday on March 19, 2010

This article was posted on Nepal News.

‘UCPN (M) not preparing to file no-confidence motion’

Amid reports of the Unified CPN (Maoist) preparing to table no-confidence motion in the parliament in an attempt to topple the 22-party government, a senior Maoist leader has claimed the party is not making such preparations. Speaking at the Reporters Club Monday, Maoist standing committee member Amik Sherchan said rumours of the party preparing to seek no-confidence motion are not true.

Sherchan, a former Deputy Prime Minister, said Maoist party was only mulling over requesting a special session of the parliament to discuss the current political deadlock and the deteriorating law and order situation. He however claimed that his party would get clear majority in the House it it really tries to topple the government.

He also reiterated his party’s stance that a national unity government is a must to make sure the new constitution is written within the prescribed time and bring the peace process to a conclusion.

Speaking at the same programme, Nepali Congress vice president and UML secretary Yuba Raj Gyawali described the ‘Maoists’ exercise to table no-confidence motion’ as an untimely move, expressing confidence that the motion would be easily voted out in the parliament.


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