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New Pamphlet: Arundhati Roy’s “Walking With the Comrades”

Posted by n3wday on April 4, 2010

We need to come together to take advantage of this remarkable event: that a writer of this skill and stature has dared (and truly risked) to speak the truth about the revolutionary people of remote rural India. Help her. Help them.

We urge all our readers to share and download this new pamphlet. It makes it much easier for people to study this important work by Arundhati Roy describing the revolutionary fighters and people of India’s Maoist political base areas. This pamphlet includes many of Roy’s remarkable photographs from her trip that bring the text to life.

Download “Walking with the Comrades”

Or order the pamphlet to be delivered by mail

This is a brilliantly written and subtle journalist’s description of this living revolutionary movement, its activists and their hopes.

Who needs to see this? Where should this be posted?

Email this pdf to friends. Share it on e-lists. Post it on significant related discussions.

This piece is also available here on Kasama in web format.

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