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Nepal: Maoists Recruit Cadre for Defense Against Attacks

Posted by n3wday on April 14, 2010

Young Communist League Training

This article was published on My Republica.

Maoist ethnic combat force in east Nepal


ITAHARI, April 3: The Limbuwan National Liberation Front (LNLF) affiliated to the UCPN (Maoist) has launched a drive to recruit youths for its semi-military structure Radical Young League of Limbuwan. The LNLF plans to deploy the combat force in the nine districts to the east of the Arun River.

According to sources, the LNLF recruited 60 youths from Itahari and 150 from Dharan recently. Similarly, a seven-member coordinator team has been formed in Prakashpur and Mahendranagar VDCs each. The youths are currently undergoing combat training.

LNLF has stated that it will form the forces in the 49 VDCs and three municipalities in the first phase.

Similarly, LNLF has already 350 youths enrolled in the force in Morang district, and deployed coordinators in the eastern Tarai districts of Jhapa, Tehrathum, Panchthar, Sankhuwasabha and Ilam. “The coordinators will recruit the teams in their respective villages,” said LNLF central member Gajendra Paluwang.

“The main task of combative force is to carry out the directives of the party and retaliate against the attack on the party cadres,” said Paluwang.

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