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In Nepal the Revolution WILL be Televised

Posted by n3wday on April 21, 2010

This article was published on My Republica.

Maoists plan to launch TV, papers


KATHMANDU, April 18: Maoists have planned to launch their own television channel and a national broadsheet daily to disseminate “correct information” about the party.

Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai presented a concept paper in this regard during a training session at party headquarters, Paris Danda on Sunday. Maoists have already formed two committees – editorial led by Dr Bhattarai and managerial by Dinanath Sharma — to study if launching a television channel would also be viable.

Dr Bhattarai, who heads department, also proposed to uplink the Maoist FM radio Mirmire to satellite.

According to a participant of the training session, the party also classified the Maoist publications into three categories — central, regional and local. “While the central publications will be directly monitored by the party’s top body, the regional and local publications will be handled by the corresponding committees,” he said.

He said the party took the decision as various publication houses have been found collecting advertisements in the name of the party and the party expects the new move would discourage the trend.

The meeting has categorized Janadisha daily, Janadesh weekly, Red Star fortnightly and Samsleshan monthly as central publications under the direct monitoring of the party.

“Perhaps the tabloid-sized Janadisha daily will be converted into a broadsheet daily and Janadisha weekly into a magazine,” he said. The party took the move to manage its media and make the dissemination of information and views effective.

Journalists train Maoist leaders on handling media

Journalists Prashanta Jha, Tirtha Koirala, Raghu Mainali, Krishna Jwala Devkota and Narayan Sharma had trained the leaders on how to handle media effect effectively. Jha had spoken on how to effectively disseminate information in the international arena, Koirala on the relationship between leaders and media houses, Mainali on professionalism and management and Devkota on advocating the rights of the proletariat.

Solutions from streets

Speaking at the training session, Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal directed the revolutionary journalists to ask people to hit the streets for the promulgation of the people’s constitution.

“This month, just ahead of constitution-drafting, is crucial for Nepali people. So you have to ask people to hit the streets,” a participant quoted Dahal as saying.

Dahal presented two possible scenarios amidst the looming crisis: “They will either dissolve the Constituent Assembly and enforce a presidential rule, or ask us for the CA deadline. But the constitution will be not promulgated as they just want to adopt the 1990 constitution and we will not agree. So there is no alternative to hitting the streets,” Dahal said. He argued that the constitution would be drafted only if the people took to the streets.

2 Responses to “In Nepal the Revolution WILL be Televised”

  1. redflags said

    The Maoists are planning their own broadcast station. The major network ABC (not the American ABC) is already widely seen as sympathetic to the Maoists, though it is a private, independent company.

  2. They already have television to some communities around pokhara (although it was pretty terrible quality the stuff i saw)

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