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Nepal: Young Communists Preparing for Storms

Posted by n3wday on April 23, 2010

This article was published on Telegraph Nepal. This charge of “Maoists secret big operation” is being used by the right to justify and prepare armed military attacks on the people.

‘Nepal-Maoist provide Military Training to YCL in Nawalparasi’


Reports coming from district of Nawalparasi have it that the Unified Maoists’ party is providing Military training to some one hundred fifty YCL (Young Communist League) cadres at six different locations of the district.

“The weeklong Military Training to YCL’s fully armed cadres is being conducted by the Maoists’ Militias”, it has also been reported.
However, Unified Maoists’ Party District deputy in-charge rejects the allegation and says that “the Training is being provided to pressurize parties to draft the Constitution in the stipulated time frame.”

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India: With Oppression Comes a Hotbed of Revolution

Posted by n3wday on April 23, 2010

This article was published on Revolutionary Frontlines.

Malkangiri: Maoist Stronghold in India

Malkangiri district, in Orissa, is back of the beyond. It borders both Andhra Pradesh and the Dandakaranya region of Chhattisgarh. Of its six lakh population, 80 per cent belong to the Bonda, Bidai, Gadwa, Poraja, Kumbhar, Kamaar, Kondh and Karia tribes, and live on the margins—no roads, no electricity, no hospitals, no drinking water supply, and a very poor public distribution system.

No wonder this hilly, forested region has been a Maoist hotbed for decades. The police and the special forces call this forbidding area the AOB (Andhra-Orissa border) with the sense of a place they’d rather not be in. The locals have never seen any government working for them; and therefore, the Maoists are both their government and their police. A senior police officer says at least 30,000 tribals of the district openly support the Maoists; the rest do so tacitly.

The hardship is all too evident in villages like Guntawada. Many young men, like Kanakaraju and Indrakarama, work as casual labourers at APGenco’s Upper Sileru power project. When they come home, they bring kerosene the supervisor hands out and use it to light lamps. His generosity means the world to them: the village has never had electricity.

In village after village in this district, this dark irony repeats itself. Inaccessibility and deprivation are the norm. Read the rest of this entry »

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