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Nepal May 1: NO BACKING DOWN Until Government Changes!

Posted by n3wday on May 1, 2010

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Prachanda flays govt, claims Maoist mission will succeed


KATHMANDU, MAY 01 – UPCN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” said that the government is speaking about the army mobilisation to suppress the Maoist agitation after the prime minister returned from Thimphu. “We would not be amazed if same thing was said five or seven days ago. Now, we understand whose language this is,” he said, insinuating at Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s meeting with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh in the Bhutanese capital on the sidelines of 16th SAARC Summit.

Addressing the mass assembly the Maoist party organised to mark the May Day at Khullamanch in Kathmandu on Saturday, Dahal said any interference in Nepal’s national sovereignty would be intolerable, and added that his party and people will not bow to the foreign lords. “Our neighbours should understand this,” he said–indirectly pointing fingers at India for its influence in Nepal’s politics.

Dubbing the incumbent government as an unnatural coalition that, he said, was built on conspiracies, he urged the security forces to support his party and not to abide by the orders that came from Thimphu. Saying the army and police also should understand the people’s desire for change and the need of the hour, he added, “I appeal to you for co-operation.”

He said that all the changes in the country’s history have always been established from the street, and claimed that the nationwide strike starting tomorrow will conclude in a day if the people support the Maoist stir.

“I appeal to all the Valley denizens, more particularly, Newar people to be part of the agitation,” said the former prime minister who stepped down from the government following his differences with the president over the reinstatement of the then army chief who he sacked.

He further urged the business entrepreneurs and industrialists to bear the difficulties for a few days for the change.

He charged that the ruling parties want to abort the ongoing peace process and constitution drafting, and said the Maoists have taken to the people and agitation seeing that. “This is fight for peace and constitution,” he claimed.

While saying the indefinite nationwide strike from tomorrow was a must, he reiterated that his party respects the negotiation table also. “We are on talks also and the agitation will be peaceful.”

“But if there is any violence then that would not be tolerable. The government will be responsible if confrontation is invited,” he said.

Claiming that the incumbent coalition cannot institutionalise peace and draft the new constitution, the Maoist chieftain reiterated his claim that the new national government under his party’s leadership will accomplish the task.

Also, noting that the new change in the nation is a great achievement at the cost of lots of bloodsheds in the past, Prachanda said that the Maoists’ stir will not recede unless their demand for change of guard in government is met.

Relation with neighboring countries

Dahal, who had earlier drawn flak from the Indian side over his statement that he would hold talks with the masters and not puppets, maintained that the relationships with and between the neighboring nations should be based on equality, freedom and national pride and that it should not harm the national sovereignty of a country.

We want mutual relationship with India and China but it must guarantee the rights of Nepali citizens, said Dahal, “We want relationship based on equality, freedom and national pride.”

He added, we want develop relationship with India in a new dimension but if India assumes that they could suppress the Nepali Maoists by lending support to the government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal that will not be acceptable to us.

Appeal to international community

Dahal also appealed the international communities including the United Nations not to misunderstand and suspect the Maoists saying that his party is committed to peace, democracy and has embraced multiparty competition.

We ask the international community play the role as they have played in the period of Constituent Assembly election and to cooperate with the Maoist by publisicing that the agitation is peaceful.

On Grija Prasad Koirala and HLPM

Dahal argued that the responsibility to conclude the peace process has come onto his shoulder after the demise of Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala.

Reminiscing the moment with Koirala, Dahal said that Koirala had told him that High Level Political Mechanism was formed for Dahal.


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