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Interview with a Young Nepali Revolutionary

Posted by Mike E on May 2, 2010

Alastair Reith recently interviewed Bhuban Paudel, who is a young member of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Bhuban is struggling for the freedom of his people, his nation, and the international working class, and has been heavily involved in the recent mass demonstrations that have rocked Nepal. He took the time to give a brief interview to this blog about the revolution unfolding in Nepal and the Maoist party leading it. Here is one of the voices of the 21st century’s first communist revolution, speaking with his own voice and in his own words.

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview Bhuban. Let’s start with the basics. What is the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)?

Bhuban: UCPN(Maoist) is a communist party of Nepal struggling for the proletarian revolution in Nepal. Our party was in war for 10 years with the goal of establishing people’s reign. Now the party is leading nepali proletarians, working class people and marginalized communities to a new Nepal through people’s supremacy, national unity and people’s constitution.

Why did you become a Maoist?

Bhuban: I became Maoist because Maoist is fighting for the proletarians and working class people. And is the only political party struggling for the political and social-economic change, national integrity and people’s reign.

Why does Nepal need a revolution?

Bhuban: Nepal has become republic after a decade long people’s struggle. But present government backed by reactionist is destroying all the achievements and is totally failed. The government failed to address the basic needs of working class people and to provide security. Present pro-Indian government was formed in a unconstitutional way and does not represent the people’s desire for change. India is encroaching our territory. But the gov does not do anything. And it is totally failed to bring the national consensus for bringing peace process to a logical end and drafting a new constitution. We have now no other choices but to revolt. We need a revolution to save our country and the historic achievements.

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The Danger of Squandering a Revolutionary Moment

Posted by Mike E on May 2, 2010

A small U.S. left group (RCP) issued a denunciation of the Nepali Maoists as “revisionist.” We published their comment here. This is a response to NSPF who has laid out some views on this controversy.

by Mike Ely

NSPF: Thanks for writing. Because of May First it has taken me a few days to return to your comments.

” I have supported and continue to support your (and kasama’s) loud and clear opposition to U.S. and Indian imperialist/expansionist meddling. The fact that you and Kasama are trying to popularize the right of the oppressed in Nepal and South Asia in general to stand up against and overturn their oppression is beyond question…. Both of these are important aspects of our kind of internationalism…”

This is an important thing to agree on.

There is a view that believes each communist group should reach a detailed and specific evaluation of distant revolutionaries and then withdraw support. And particularly decline to mount any popularization of these revolutionary movements of millions or any opposition (sometimes not even symbolic lipservice!) to counter-revolutionary intervention.

Kasama is based inside the U.S. — and if one understanding has been in our very blood as communists — it has been a special responsibility to oppose the actions of U.S. imperialism against revolutionary movements. The disappearance of such basic principles and its replacement with diktats aimed at in partibus infidelium is disturbing.

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Nepal–May 1 footage

Posted by Mike E on May 2, 2010

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Images from Nepal May First

Posted by n3wday on May 2, 2010

Thanks to Maoist Revolution for sharing these photos. Click photos to enlarge.

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