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Interview with a Young Nepali Revolutionary

Posted by Mike E on May 2, 2010

Alastair Reith recently interviewed Bhuban Paudel, who is a young member of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Bhuban is struggling for the freedom of his people, his nation, and the international working class, and has been heavily involved in the recent mass demonstrations that have rocked Nepal. He took the time to give a brief interview to this blog about the revolution unfolding in Nepal and the Maoist party leading it. Here is one of the voices of the 21st century’s first communist revolution, speaking with his own voice and in his own words.

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview Bhuban. Let’s start with the basics. What is the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)?

Bhuban: UCPN(Maoist) is a communist party of Nepal struggling for the proletarian revolution in Nepal. Our party was in war for 10 years with the goal of establishing people’s reign. Now the party is leading nepali proletarians, working class people and marginalized communities to a new Nepal through people’s supremacy, national unity and people’s constitution.

Why did you become a Maoist?

Bhuban: I became Maoist because Maoist is fighting for the proletarians and working class people. And is the only political party struggling for the political and social-economic change, national integrity and people’s reign.

Why does Nepal need a revolution?

Bhuban: Nepal has become republic after a decade long people’s struggle. But present government backed by reactionist is destroying all the achievements and is totally failed. The government failed to address the basic needs of working class people and to provide security. Present pro-Indian government was formed in a unconstitutional way and does not represent the people’s desire for change. India is encroaching our territory. But the gov does not do anything. And it is totally failed to bring the national consensus for bringing peace process to a logical end and drafting a new constitution. We have now no other choices but to revolt. We need a revolution to save our country and the historic achievements.

What role has religion played in Nepal in the past, and how do you think the revolution will change that?

Bhuban: In the past Hinduism exploited and oppressed other religion and culture. But the April janaandolan [the uprising in 2006 that overthrew the monarchy] established Nepal a secular country. Present government is backed by the Hindu extremists and is destroying all the historic achievements. The revolution will make all religions equal and will end the exploitation of one religion on others.

What will the revolution mean for women?

Bhuban: Nepali women are marginalized in the corners of Nepali society by the feudal reign. Nepali women are oppressed, exploited as a second class citizen and deprived of their right in the patriarchal society. The liberation of women is inextricably tied with the liberation of nepali people and the nation. The revolution will establish the equal political as well as social rights of women.

Nepal has many oppressed nationalities living within it’s borders. What will the revolution mean for them?

Bhuban: The revolution will bring all these communities into the mainstream with their identity, culture and with the right of self determination ending all oppression, exploitation and inequalities.

Tell us about the recent May Day rally. Why was it called, and what happened on the day?

Bhuban: May day rally was called by our party to demonstrate the people’s support for peace, national unity government that will be led by our party which is the largest party in the constituent assembly… Unlike the reactionist’s blame, the rally was peaceful, managed, disciplined and large ever seen in the history. All peasants, workers, women, youths participated in the rally supporting the Maoist movement and demanding the resignation of the present government. But the government refused to resign. From the day after, indefinite political strike is going on.

What role does India play in Nepal, and how will the revolution change that?

Bhuban: Nepal India relation is based on the unequal treaties and negotiations. India is still expansionist and interfering in our internal issues and encroaching our territories all the time. We have to save our territory. Now it is backing a anti-national and unelected government. The movement will overthrow all the unequal treaties and will initiate a new relation based on equality and souvernity of two countries.

What can we expect in Nepal in the coming weeks?

Bhuban: The May Day rally has shown the people’s overwhelming support for the national government. And Maoist will get support from all people in coming days. If the government does not quit, people are ready to sacrifice themselves to topple the unpopular and unelected government. All working class people will revolt against the present government and overthrow the bourgeois reign.

What do you think is important for communists in the West to do to support the revolution in Nepal?

Bhuban: They should report the actual ground situation of Nepal and should spray the message of revolution all over the world.

Thank you for your time comrade. Best of luck with the struggle ahead, and lal salam! Our hopes are with you.

Bhuban: Lal salam comrade!

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