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New Canadian Effort Builds Solidarity with Nepal Revolution

Posted by Mike E on May 3, 2010

The Lal Salaam Canada Nepal Solidarity Group is working to build understanding and solidarity around the revolution in Nepal.

Because of the importance of forming this kind of group in North America, we are sharing the leaflet now being circulated by this new organization.



In the Spirit of Norman Bethune!


5 Responses to “New Canadian Effort Builds Solidarity with Nepal Revolution”

  1. CPSA said

    Question: What other such groups do we have in the States? I’m aware of Kasama, FSRO and Fire Collective. Beyond that, I’m unaware of any. 2nd Question: Shouldn’t we be trying to do what they’re doing in Toronto, at least here in NY? Or am I missing something? Just curious.

  2. Ka Frank said

    Here’s an article from today’s Nepal News that makes it clear that Prachanda and the UCPNM are focused on forming a new “national unity” government with the bourgeois-feudal Nepali Congress and UML parties with the masses in the street as their battering ram/bargaining chip. Despite occasional left rhetoric, Prachanda and the majority of the UCPNM leadership are not mobilizing the masses to advance the new democratic revolution. As the CPI (Maoist) pointed out in July 2009, this requires the re-establishment of the people’s war.

    Dahal meets senior NC, UML leaders to strike deal

    After failing to strike consensus in several tri-party meetings, the big three parties have started bilateral negotiations from early morning on Monday.

    Chairman of the Unified CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal met with Nepali Congress parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Poudel this morning.
    After meeting Poudel, Dahal went to meet CPN (UML) chairman Jhala Nath Khanal at the latter’s residence in Dallu.

    The leaders primarily discussed change of the current government, formation of a national consensus government, power sharing, integration of the Maoist combatants and term extension for constituent assembly, it is learnt.

    Dahal is scheduled to hold talks with Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba and the party’s acting president Sushil Koirala after that today.

    Maoist leaders had said they would continue dialogue even during the general strike that began on Sunday. The three parties have decided to sit together on Tuesday evening after holding internal and bilateral discussions.

  3. trace hunter said

    It’s “clear” that Ka Frank is dedicated to passing on disinformation with the aim of fostering splits in the revolutionary ranks of South Asia, between the fraternal parties of India and Nepal — and with the UCPNM.

    To this end, in the midst of the largest Maoist mobilization in Nepal’s history he passes on disinformation from Congress-party allied newspapers and refuses any discussion of the actual events on the street.

    His hostility towards a Maoist-led national unity government and desire for a bloodbath are morally repulsive and politically suicidal. Rather than split the Nepal Army and isolate comprador elements, Ka Frank demands that the Nepali Maoists murder their political opponents and unite the liberals, revisionists and feudal elements against the revolutionary process.

    Ka Frank is oblivious to what is “clear” — the Maoists could have joined a bourgeois republican government at any point. They left the government rather than sell out their base, and have returned to the masses to bring them into the struggle.

    At this crucial juncture, his only “contribution” has been to pass on disinformation and launch attacks against the unified communist forces of Nepal. In other words, he is an active counter-revolution (if the words have any meaning). Traditionally this was the duty of Trotskyites: left in form, right in essence. But today, demoralized and isolated followers of Bob Avakian’s ridiculous politics have nothing better to do than attack revolutionary leaders.

    Ka Frank doesn’t even consider that he may be doing bad work, that he may be deeply mistaken in his assessments. Rather than work in any meaningful way to oppose US imperial intervention in Nepal, he joins with the Indian government, the US military-intelligence apparatuses and the very status quo parties in their relentless attacks on Nepal’s revolution.

    Think about that. While “criticizing” Prachanda, Kiran and Bhattarai — he parrots the talking poitns and propaganda of Congress and UML… in the name of opposing a national unity government, a new democratic constitution and a revolutionary restructuring of Nepal. This, while the people are rising up in the face of police guns.

    it’s sordid, and his reacionary disinformation has been humored far too much. He is essentially a liar, whatever motivations he believes animates him.

  4. CPSA said

    Those splits (in South Asia) already exist Tracey. It’s well documented in the public record of each party, let alone in the establishment media. And in Frank’s defense, his own blog is very good (revolutionaryfrontlines is his, correct?). That said, I don’t think the criticism of late on this website from RCP sympathizers or those who seem to share their views in regard to Nepal is particularly accurate (theoretically or in practice/praxis), let alone helpful. At least Frank knows South Asia, even if he has a view on the UCPN(M)’s strategy and tactics we disagree with.

  5. trace hunter said

    Disagreements aren’t splits. There is no record of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) calling for splits in Nepal. Only the RCP, USA and the person of Ka Frank have done this.

    Interested people should read the criticisms by the Indian Maoists of their comrades in Nepal. They are principled, communsit disgreements.

    If Frank has good work to do, then let him get to it.

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