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Nepal’s Red Star: Bright Future of Nepalese Revolution

Posted by onehundredflowers on May 13, 2010

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This article is from Red Star, the English-language Maoist periodical from Nepal.  This is an important analysis of the revolution’s current state and future possibilities. Thanks to Alastair, Alistair  and ST for the work in making the Red Star essays available.

Bright Future of Nepalese Revolution

Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’

People’s War (PW) was initiated by UCPN-Maoist on 13th February 1996. It has celebrated its 14th anniversary. PW had launched aiming to lead the struggle to the direction of communism through socialism with the process of establishing people’s Democratic Republic of Nepal. That is to say by liberating the country from semi-feudal and semi-colonial situation. To achieve these ultimate goals, the outline of PW was made in the sense of military strategic plan for the development of PW by building base areas in the remote areas. According to it, PW was developed and empowered. It took its rupture and entered into strategic offensive by completing its earlier two phases: strategic offensive and strategic equilibrium. In this process, the tactical series: interim government, democratic republic and Constituent Assembly (CA) were officially decided by the party.

In course of PW, we came into the peace process since after a few time the people’s war had entered into the strategic offensive. In the ideological struggle of peace process, interim government was made and democratic republic of Nepal was declared. And, at the same time, monarchy was suspended. The interim government declared the election of the CA and our party get victory as the largest party in CA. Then, united government was formed under the leadership of our party.

In the process of great PW, thousands brave warriors got martyrdom. Thousands of others became wounded and thousands are missing. The strategic achievement left to be gained in spite of the historic and unprecedented dedication, devotion and sacrifice of the thousands. Therefore, serious questions are being raised.

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Incredible India: Operation Green Hunt

Posted by Mike E on May 13, 2010

For those in New York and interested in what’s going on in Chattisgarh, the following event takes place next week at Hunter College. If this is of interest to Kasama/SAR people (as I hope it is), I’d request it be reposted as a new post on SAR or Kasama. Anyway, one of the speaker’s (Javed Iqbal)’s blog can be found at:

The other (Himanshu Kumar) has a piece from EPW from last year that can be found on Sanhati at:

Incredible India: Operation Green Hunt


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6:00pm – 8:00pm
West Building 215, Hunter College, NYC
South Asia Solidarity Initiative and AID, New York/New Jersey present


Conversation with Himanshu Kumar, Gandhian human rights activist from Chhatisgarh, India

Moderator: Murli Natrajan (SASI and AID)

And a Photo Exhibit by Javed Iqbal

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Nepal’s Red Star: Is International Situation Favorable to Revolution?

Posted by onehundredflowers on May 13, 2010

The following is from the new issue of Nepal’s Maoist English language journal Red Star. At various stages in the Nepal revolution, the argument has been made that the international situation was too hostile to successfully embark on socialist revolution in a small, poor, landlocked country — requiring a long “transition” sub-period that did not cross the threshhold toward socialism or even New Democracy. In other words, the question of “is the international situation favorable?” is connected with a debate among Nepali revolutionaries about whether to press forward the Nepal revolution to victory. (Thanks to Alastar and ST for making these essay of Red Star available for posting).

* * * * * * * *

International situation


by C. P. Gajurel ‘Gaurav’

Secretary of UCPN-Maoist

Communist Movement is an internationalist movement. Goal of all communists, provided they are truly communists, is communism. We should not be confused about vulgar distortions of communism whether it is ‘National communism’ or ‘Euro communism’. Internationalist nature of communists is characterized by the principle ‘either we all reach or none of us’. This is the basis of proletarian internationalism.

International situation is not same as proletarian internationalism.

Apart from the domestic situation, which is decisive, Communist movement is definitely influenced by international situation of the given time. Development of communist movement of a single country definitely depends upon the favourable or unfavourable international situation. Success or failure of revolution of individual country also largely depends on favourable or unfavourable international situation. In many cases, the question of ‘unfavourable international situation’ is being (mis)used by rightists or revisionists to justify their degeneration from a communist or revolutionary to a revisionist or a bourgeois politician. None of the revisionists of the world declare themselves as revisionists; rather they try to show that they are revolutionaries and are still communists. Capitalist class is an exploiter and oppressor class. So it is quite natural that the politicians openly representing the class interest of this class will not be able to garner support from the broad masses.

So in order to garner support of the broad masses, the revisionists, who represent the class interest of the bourgeoisie, disguise themselves as “communists”. They always distort the revolutionary line and situation in service of the bourgeoisie. They are the people who sabotage the revolution from within. Words like “Communism”, “revolution” are the masks of revisionists under which they cover their ugly bourgeois face. Revisionists of this era always prolong or delay or stop the revolution in the pretext of “unfavourable” international situation. They have regular and long time idea which states that no revolution can take place when there is “unfavourable international situation” and for them “unfavourable international situation” is permanent.

Thus the conclusion of this statement is that revolution cannot take place at this era. Therefore, while making assessment of the international situation, we should not be the victim of permanently “no favourable situation therefore no revolution”.

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