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French Translation: Les premiers jours de mai au Népal — Grève générale et provocation

Posted by Mike E on May 15, 2010

Thanks to the le Comité de Solidarité Franco-Népalais  for this translation. The piece, by Jed Brandt appeared originally in English

Les premiers jours de mai au Népal — Grève générale et provocation

par Jed Brandt

Katmandou, 11 mai — La plus grande mobilisation d’êtres humains dans l’histoire du Népal a amené des centaines de milliers de villageois dans la capitale Katmandou pour les manifestations du premier mai – et le pays tout entier s’est arrêté.

En marche pour défendre les barricades contre les provocations de la droite

Premier Mai !

Le premier mai, cette ville a appartenu aux maoïstes.

De Kalanki au Old Bus Park, les autobus bondés se sont déversés dans la ville. Chaque siège et espace était remplis. Les jeunes hommes étaient perchés sur les toits. Des sacs de riz, de lentilles et de légumes étaient stockés dans les écoles, les salles des fêtes et les chantiers de construction qui ont servi de campements aux manifestants.

Depuis que je suis arrivé à Katmandou, c’a été une chose remarquable de voir le marteau et la faucille flotter si fièrement à travers la ville. Mais le premier mai, voyant les milliers d’ouvriers des syndicats marcher à travers la ville pour accueillir les villageois, dont nombre d’entre eux voyaient une ville pour la première fois – tout cela a rempli de chair et de sang le vieux symbole communiste. Le marteau pour les ouvriers, la faucille pour les paysans.

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Nepal’s Revolution: The People have Awakened, There is a Future to Win

Posted by n3wday on May 15, 2010

Photo by Jed Brandt

This article is from Red Star, the English-language Maoist periodical from Nepal.  This is an important analysis of the progress of the revolution and what the Maoists are fighting for.  Thanks to Alastair, Alistair and ST for the work in making the Red Star essays available.

Victorious but Incomplete Revolution

Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplab’

Nepalese Revolution is a victorious but incomplete revolution. The responsibility for completion of the revolution has fallen upon the shoulders of UCPN-Maoist. The gradual development of the favourable situation for the completion of the revolution has made the historic task more responsible. It has been main duty, the duty that is rarely found as an extraordinary task of proletarian class, to fulfill the revolution confidently without hesitation.

Revolution: Victorious but incomplete-

Every revolution has its meaning that it teaches an interesting and valuable lesson to all the people in a short period with unexpected Zigzag way it takes ahead and its radical consequences.

People’s War was an accidental zigzag to break the parliamentary tedious scandal. Initiation of the People’s War unmasked the parliamentary uncontrolled loots and dishonesty, which was forcefully imposed over the labourious people with the help of charismatic words like ‘democracy’, ‘development’, ‘competition’ and ‘wellbeing’ of the people, ‘Peace’ etc. PW had exposed all the misdeeds that created an environment to exploit the people under clamour spread by the preachers of parliamentarianism.

In course of its development, PW had targeted the state power in its centre. The main objective of PW was to make the people owner of the state power by crumbling the thousand year old centralized state power of feudalist and the comprador capitalists down. The people; woke up by the initiation of PW and inspired and encouraged by the continuation of the PW, actively participated in war and due to the historic incessant struggle, they became able to dissolved the local power of reaction. They defeated local tyrants, feudal lords, landlords and the usurers. In course of military resistance, People’s Liberation Army was formed and organized. People’s justice system was built and the People’s economic-cultural systems were begun simultaneously. The combination of education, health and development-construction began and thousands of revolutionary whole-timer cadres were developed. Along with the victorious process of PW, Nepalese people for the first time got glorious opportunity to be the owner of the People’s Power from local to base-area level. They got freedom from local tyrants, feudal-lords, landlords and the puppets and the usurers. Women, dalit, nationalities and the repressed castes and the regions got freedom from hundreds of years old exploitation and repression. Read the rest of this entry »

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