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Nepal: Agrarian Revolution Expands

Posted by n3wday on May 26, 2010

This article was published in My Republica.

Maoist land grab drive on


BARDIYA, May 23rd, 2010: Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Freed Kamaiyas
Association (ANFKA) on Sunday seized an additional 154 bighas of land in
Rajapur area of the district. The area was once known as the hotbed of
Maoist insurgency.

The Maoists, who started land grab drive a week ago, have already seized
87 bighas of land in Daulatpur village.

Police records showed that the seized land include five bighas and 17
katthas land owned by Rudra Bahadur Shahi, 12 bighas owned by Prem
Kumari Rana and 70 bighas of land belonging to Ramesh Gyawali. The land
owners have vented anger against the police for not taking steps to free
the land.
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British Maoists Criticize “Quixotic” Revolutionaries’ Position on Nepal

Posted by n3wday on May 26, 2010

This article was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list.

On Vicious attacks against the Revolution in Nepal

“Only utopians can divorce themselves from the actual conditions confronting them.”
(Mao, On New Democracy)

Written by members of WPRM(Britain)

On the eve of May Day, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP) published an article entitled “On the Critical Crossroads in the Nepal Revolution, and the Urgent Need for a Real Rupture with Revisionism” in its organ Revolution ( This article aimed to refute a document published by the Central Committee of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), UCPN(M), found on (

The RCP letter is subtitled, “Observations by a Supporter of that Revolution from a Communist Internationalist Perspective”. However, because Revolution has published it without any comment or criticism, it is fair to assume that it represents the RCP’s position on the revolution in Nepal.

The UCPN(M) Central Committee’s document is entitled “Present Situation and Historical Task of the Proletariat.” Its contents include:

1) A Short Evaluation of Present Situation [Internationally and in Nepal].
2) On the Party Line and Polarization of Revolutionary Communists.
3) From the Latest Peace Process to the Present: on Party’s Problems and Weaknesses.
4) A Rough Sketch of Immediate Plan.

In this article, we want to oppose the anti-revolutionary RCP line and show the importance of building support for the revolution in Nepal. We will look at the RCP’s thesis of ‘revolutionary movement under revisionist leadership’ as well as looking at the realities of the development of the revolution in Nepal.

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