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Nepal: Female Student Maoists Speak Out for Revolution

Posted by n3wday on June 3, 2010

This article was published on People of Color Organize.

Choosing the Maoists: Conversations with Nepal’s Young Female Revolutionaries

In the aftermath of the Maoist-called ´indefinite´ strike which ended up lasting for the entirety of six days, many contentious issues with regards to the roots of the party´s supports were raised. While the party leadership, namely the Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal claimed that the urban population of Kathmandu was branding the supporters a variety of things, and while the media itself indeed played a role in this portrayal; the supporters in the streets did not comprise of solely uneducated and rural masses that flooded into Kathmandu for the strike.

A major support base for the Maoists during the rallies, and still standing in their support are a large number of students whether they be from Tribhuvan University (TU), its affiliated campuses or even some from private colleges. Students have been a backbone of Maoist´s support for quite some time.

When speaking to a group of young and intelligent female students at TU, it became apparent that these young voices had not an inkling of doubt or speculation in their beliefs and their faith in the Maoist party and its leadership. They had a justified view of Nepal´s past, the injustices faced by its people, and solid reasons for being a part of the ´revolutionary´ party of Nepal.

Pratibha Jha, a 23-year-old Master´s level student at TU was probably amongst the most vocal and spoke of the “necessary change” that Nepal now needs. In accordance with the party´s chairman´s address on Wednesday, she also spoke of the “battle between those who want change and those who wish to protect the status quo.”

And of this truth, all the girls were convinced. Bibhuti Bhattarai, a 24-year-old student from Syangja alliterated the notion that the Maoist party was the “only party who has convinced the youth with the truth” and for her that truth stems from the knowledge of Leninism and Marxism.

However, their beliefs are not based on practical teachings of Marx or Lenin. They claimed to be “analyzing what is going on” and that political support isn´t based on politicians or their speeches, but who they see as the party capable of “moving forward”.

“Inherent to the nature of being young, the youth will always want to move forward and create change,” added Bibhuti.

Also inherent to the nature of being young, and as students, is that they will support whatever political presence best fulfils their daily demands and practical needs. On this front, they claim the Maoists have really brought change to their university life. The party´s presence on campus has been represented by TU´s Free Student Union, whose general secretary was also present in this quaint gathering. “As a union, we have made the hostel facilities fairer to all and in accordance to the needs of the student,” said Manushi Yami Bhattarai, General Secretary of the union.

“Before, to get a place in the hostel, political influence played a huge role, but now it is fair and balanced and students with all political inclinations are given the same importance,” said Education student Pratibha. Read the rest of this entry »

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India – CPI-Maoist and PCAPA: No Involvement in Recent Train Derailment

Posted by n3wday on June 3, 2010

This article was published on Indian Vanguard.

CPI (Maoist) and PCAPA deny any involvement in Friday train derailment

Statement from the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF):

Yesterday’s( 28 May 2010) Gnaneshwari Express and a goods train tragedy near Kharagpur in West Bengal in which 80 people were killed and 200 injured was attributed to CPI(Maoist) and Peoples Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA) by the media. The media unscrupulously played false news stories blaming CPI (Maoist) and Peoples Committee for two days. Some political parties like Trinomial Congress and the ruling CPI(Marxist) also blamed these organisations without any verification. Significantly Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram has declined to attribute the blame on the CPI (Maoist) and also announced that there was no evidence of any bomb blast in the incident.

The Union Home Minister has ordered an enquiry to find out any possibility of sabotage. During the day the leaders of CPI (Maoist) clarified through a long statement that they were not responsible for the train tragedy and condemned any possible sabotage work if any force involved behind the incident. They have also expressed their condolences for the families of deceased. The PCAPA also clarified that their activists are not involved in this incident. They suspected the ruling CPI(Marxist) to have been involved in the sabotage desperately trying to tilt the public opinion against the fighting forces.

Purposefully the media did not cover the statement issued by the CPI (Maoist) while playing the false stories and commentaries blaming the CPI (Maoist) for the incident. Some all India newspapers like The Hindu wrote editorials blaming the CPI (Maoist) for the incident. Many other newspapers wrote major articles decrying the CPI (Maoist) as terrorist attributing the blame on them. Now when the clarifications come from CPI (Maoist) and PCAPA, will these media houses withdraw their false stories and give the facts to the people? Will they regret for propagating the false news?

These two days of false propaganda is made with a malicious intension of maligning the CPI (Maoist) and PCAPA.

I attach here news reports covering the statement of clarification from the CPI (Maoist) and PCAPA by a section of newspapers in West Bengal. The same newspaper didn’t cover it in their editions coming from all other cities.

G N Saibaba

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

Statement on Train(Jnaneswari Express) accident by the Maoists

The following report was published in the Bengali Ananda Bazar Patrike dt. 29 May 2010, page 7, Kolkata edition. It bore the caption ‘Denying allegations about their involvement, the Maoists demand enquiry’ and written by Prasun Acharyya. The statement was issued in the name of Aakash, the Maoist WB State Committee leader. Read the rest of this entry »

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