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Nepal: Lies Spread, Foreign Powers Involved in Deadlock

Posted by Rosa Harris on June 25, 2010

Dahal blames ‘foreign power’ for deadlock


KATHMANDU, June 20: Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Monday that he is not making the party to decide to make himself the prime minister and complained that the media is misinterpreting his statements. He argued that his party is only staking claim over the leadership of the government as the largest political party in the parliament.

“Rumors that the Maoist party is trying its best to make him the prime minister have been spread,” he said, “All these rumors are false.”

Pressure has been mounted on Dahal at the ongoing Maoist politburo to bring forward another party leader as prime ministerial candidate if that leads to national consensus.

His rival for prime minister in the party, Dr Babaurm Bhattarai, has stated that he would not stake claim over the post of prime minister and urged other leaders to make “sacrifice” for the sake of peace process and new constitution.

Dahal stated that only the implementation of the three-point deal, struck ahead of the extension of Constituent Assembly (CA) term on May 28, would end the protracted political deadlock. He demanded that prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resign as per the deal.

“If the ruling parties want to be honest and sincere, solution will be found,” he said, “We are waiting to see if they will implement the agreement.”

Dahal revealed that the major political parties are holding talks to end the political deadlock, but claimed that the talks would not led to solutions as the root of the problem is in another country.

“Although it appears as if the deadlock is due to conflict among the political parties, but reality is that the deadlock is linked to foreign power. “The conflict is between the powers that want to see Nepal colonized and those who are for freeing it from the clutches of colonialism.”

Dahal also said that the ongoing Maoist politburo meeting is focused on finding a way-out of the political deadlock. The ongoing politburo meeting was postponed till Monday due to Dahal´s “busy schedule”.

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