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Biplap: Revolution is Possible in Nepal

Posted by Rosa Harris on June 29, 2010

“If we pay our attention towards the history, there was a hot debate on it in course of justifying the bases of revolution before initiation of People’s War (PW). The debate was about national and international situation at that time. In course of debate, the aspect to consider international situation more decisive than the national was defeated and PW was initiated. The success of PW justifies the factual reality that the internal aspect- that is people, politics, struggle,ideology and leadership- can have more important and decisive role than external aspect. The same debate has come into existence due to the prolonging peace process.”

Can We Go Ahead?

by Netra Bikram Chanda “Biplap”

The Red Star Vol 3 issue 16

The debate in Nepal is on whether revolution is possible or not. The debate is not only ideological and general assumption; rather, it is centered on the question whether there is possibility to increase intervention in the central power state or not. The two sharp analyses have emerged on the issue. They are on for and against.

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