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Red Star: Is It Possible to Carry Nepal’s Revolution Thru to the End?

Posted by hetty7 on August 1, 2010

photo: Jed Brandt

This  article  is  from The Red Star –  Issue 16,  June  2010


Ever  existing  question  –  “is  completion  of  revolution  possible?”  has  been  a  hot  debate  in  the  specific  political  situation  of  Nepal.   The  debate,  though  it  is  not  systematically  run,  has  expanded  from  capital  city  to  the  remote  villages  and  the  corners  of  the  country  and  in  the  international  political  arena.  The  present  political  situation  of  Nepal  does  not  express  the  victory  of  any  sides  and  defeat  of  any  other.   Rather,  it  clearly  shows  that  there  is  an  intense  struggle  between  the  two  antagonistic  ideologies  and  the  visions.   Neither side  is  ready  to  accept  its  defeat  although  the  monarchy  from  the  reactionary  side  has  been  knocked  down.   The  present  political  situation  shows  the  possibility  of  further  class  struggle  for  the  rest  of  the  victory  or  the  loss.

Everybody  knows  that  the  UCPN- Maoist  took  initiative  to  take  the  way  of  agreement  by  analyzing  the  poor condition  of  the  country  and  its  incapability  to  bear  the  war  and  destruction  for  a  long  time.   However,   the agreement  has  not  been  accepted  by  the  morally  defeated  parliamentary  forces.   It  has  violated  the  agreement  and  built  the  government  status  quo  only.  It  is  trying  to  take  counter  offensive  to  de-institutionalization  of  the  revolutionary  achievements  gained  through  the  People’s  War and the People’s  Movements.  Therefore,  they are being  success to  hatch  conspiracy  under  the  sympathy  and  support  from  the  reactions.

The  conflict  clearly  shows  its  class  characters.  The  revolution  of  Nepal  is  not  a  reformist  movement,  it  is  a  revolutionary  one.   The  characteristics  inherited  inside  the  two  antagonistic  classes  have  been  publicly  expressed.   Analysts  prefer  to  interpret  the  present  political  situation  to  be  one  kind  of   situation.  But,   if  we  study  the  running struggle ,  from  ideological  to  power  sharing  in  government,  it  shows  that  the  situation  is  a  base  for  further  struggle.

Because  the  different  poles  lead  two  different  ideologies,  the  agendas  are  also  different.   The  present  national  agendas  are  not  accepted   by  the  status  parties.  The  agendas  have  progressive  character  and  they  are  the  synthesis  of  the  achievements  of  the  wars  and  the  movements  till  now.   Therefore,  the  leading  of  the  agendas  is  possible  only  by  the  Maoist  Party.   The  aim  of  the  Maoists  is  to  lead  the  nation  ahead,  however,  the  aim  of  the  status  quo  is  to  abort  it.

This  situation  cannot  exist  for  a  long  time.  Either  the  status  quo  is  defeated or  the  revolutionaries  will  lose.  For  that  both  the  poles  are  trying  to  develop  their  own  strategy.   Here  lies  the  question  whether  the  completion  of  the  revolution  is  possible.   Or  the  revolutionaries  are  forced  to  go  back  to  guerilla  war  again.

The  debate  is  focused  on  the  completion  of  the  revolution.  That  is  to  gain  more  achievement  for  its  completion.    For  that,  UCPN-Maoist  should  develop  its  ideological-political  point  of  view,  national  and  international  policy  and  the  plans  and  programme  for  its  implementation.   Talking  about  the  completion  of  revolution  will  be  mere  talk  without  developing  its  entire  ideology.

The  party  should  mercilessly  evaluate  its  past  and  should  change  its  trend  to  believe  more  on  the external  forces  than  the internal.  The  decision  should   be  political  than  diplomatic.   There   should  be  clear  demarcation  between  the  diplomatic  and  political  decisions  and  commitments.

Only  the  people  are  the  history  makers.   More  democratic  right  should  be  given  to  the  people.   The  observation,  control  and intervention   by  the  people   should  be  accepted  in  practice.   The  interest  of  the  people  and  their  aspiration  should  be  put  in  the  centre.

Reviewing  the  past,  the  UCPN-Maoist  should  rebuild  a  clear  conception  about  the  three  magic  weapons  of  the  revolution.    Time  should  not  be  given  to  the  trifle  things  and  a  systematic  discussion  and  study  should  be  started  on  time.  Individual  decision  should  not  be  given  priority.  The  decision  should  be  collective  and  systematic  taken  from  a  broader  exercise  of  democratic-centralism within  the  party.

The  opinion  of  the  public  should  not  be  neglected.  The  circle  of  opportunists,  and the reactions  to  some  extent,  should  be  crossed.  The  party  should  believe  in  the  cadres  and  the  people.

Only  the  reactionary  is  not  powerful  in  the world .  The  waves  of  the  mass  resistance  and  the  movement of  the  national  independence  are  successfully  advancing  ahead.   Maoist  should  make  relations  with  them  without  hesitation.   Communists  are  open and  clear  in  their  mission.   The  questions,  which  are  to  be  answered  before  Nepali  people  and  the  people  of  the  world,   are  directly  related   to  the  unanswered  questions  of  the  international  communist  movement.   Therefore,  an  active  participation  of  the  international  revolutionary  parties  and  the  organizations  as  well as  the  revolutionary  -progressive  individuals  is  compulsorily  necessary.  To  be  confined  in  the  name  of  purity  and  to  be  expanded  only  in  the  name  of  creativity  both  are  wrong.  However,   communists  should  be  aware  about  the   national  and  international  contemporary  political  situation.

Paying  attention  to  those  points,  UCPN-Maoist  can  maximum  utilize  the  national  and  international  favourable  political situation  and  the  positive  aspects  together.   Nationally,  UCPN-Maoist  is the  largest  party  in  the  CA  and  the  single  revolutionary  party  in  the  country.  It  has  a  number  of  committed  whole  timer  cadres,  still it has a mass base and People  strongly  support  the  Maoists  all  over  the  country.  There  is  still  relatively   a  good  relationship  between  people,  cadres  and  the  leaders.

In  the  nationwide  scale,  the  forward  going  present  agendas  are the  agendas  developed  by  the UCPN-Maoist.  The  whole  nation  transitionally  is  trying  to  to  advance  ahead  in  the  direction  led  by  these  agendas.  There  is  no  other  option than  to  follow  the  agendas.  The  future  of  the  entire  nation  lies  on  it.

Internationally,  the  imperialism  and  the  Indian  expansionism  are  being  surrounded  by  the  crisis  from  everywhere.  The  leftist-progressive  movements  in  Latin  American  countries  are  hopefully  developing  with  a  new  hope.   National  liberation  movements  are  being  raised  by  the  oppressed  people.   Imperialist  and  expansionist  hegemony  is  forced  to  accept  the  multicultural  differences  in  their  own  country.

Revolution  in  Nepal  is  possible  if  Maoist  analyses and addresses  these  possibilities  for  the  sake  of  revolution.

The End

2 Responses to “Red Star: Is It Possible to Carry Nepal’s Revolution Thru to the End?”

  1. slightly off topic but has anybody an idea what this short article from Bangladesh is about: 2 outlaws killed in Rajbari factional ‘gunfight’?

  2. Green Red said

    Even another attempt for election failed. Looking at it cheaply, you would say that see, they ain’t revolutionary enough and, thus they shall not ever win.

    looking at it from a revolutionary way you have to admit that to be faithful to new democratic principles in reality, they have stood face to face with enemy that is supported by the whole imperialist world.

    And they keep on raising people’s knowledge for the cause they are standing for. Go read the other NY Times article about Nepalese maids – women getting asylum in Philippine embessy in Kuwait to be away from their nasty Kuwaiti bosses who sometimes drop out maids alive from the windows and, the Kuwait justice doesn’t give a damn.

    It might take some times but, it is the right way; keep supporting it and, here is the NY Times piece of news that i mentioned above:

    Nepal: Third Failure in Parliament to Elect a Premier
    Published: August 2, 2010

    Nepal’s Parliament failed to elect a new prime minister for the third time on Monday as a large number of lawmakers remained neutral and neither of the two runoff candidates got a majority of votes. Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned June 30, but neither the Maoist leader, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda, or the leader of the Nepali Congress Party, Ram Chandra Poudel, has been able to get 300 votes in the current 599-member Parliament. A date for the next runoff vote was under discussion.

    dated as of Aug 3rd 2010

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