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Maoists of Afghanistan: Solidarity with the Maoists of India

Posted by Mike E on August 10, 2010

Kasama received the following statement from Shola Jawid.

On the Occasion of Martyrdom of Comrade Azad:

Expressing solidarity with Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Comrade Azad, spokesperson for Communist Party of India (Maoist), was murdered on July 1st 2010. Let us honour his memory and continue on his path!

Comrade Azad was a member of central committee and also a member of the politbureau of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). His death is a big loss for the CPI (Maoist), the Indian revolution, the revolutions of the region, and also the global revolution. He would have played a very critical and decisive role at the current juncture: at a time when the reactionary Indian state on one hand has mobilized more than 250000 police and mercenary forces against the Maoist peoples war within the framework of a large military campaign called Operation Green Hunt, and on the other hand it is espousing a deceptive propaganda about “peace talks” and “ceasefire.” His murder at the hands of Andra Pardesh’s special forces, and that even in another state, which is even illegal under the laws of the Indian state, illustrates the fact that the reactionary state is using the false propaganda around “ceasefire” and “peace talks” as a façade for hiding its anti-people brutal repression and for this purpose they would even break their own laws. The resistance of the masses under the leadership of CPI (Maoist) against “Operation Green Hunt” that spreads across twenty states out of 28 Indian states is a resistance against the comprador policies of the reactionary Indian state which is making possible the vast plunder and pillage of the natural resources of India by multinational corporations. In the process of the ongoing resistance, which continuously expands and spreads, the masses of people are selflessly giving sacrifices and also give tough blows to the vicious and repressive forces of the reactionary state. The officials of the reactionary Indian state and at its helm the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, since the last few years is continuously declaring that the Maoist peoples war is the biggest threat to the Indian state.

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Prachanda: The State Torments People. We are the Relief.

Posted by hetty7 on August 10, 2010

This  interview is  from  The  Red  Star,  Volume  3,  Issue 17,  July,  2010.

“The  Government  Must  Be  Formed  Under  The  Leadership  Of  Our  Party”

By  Prachanda,  Chairman,  Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (USPN-M).

The  Politburo  meeting  that  was  held  for  the  long  time  has  decided  that  it  will  lead  the  national  united  government.   If  it’s  sure  that  the  national  united  government  will  be  formed,  who  will be  the  prime  minister?

The  politburo  meeting  has  decided  that  national  unity  government   must  be  formed  under  the  leadership  of  UCPN (M).   When the  time  comes  to  form  that  government  our  part  will  finalise  about  the  leadership.  We  didn’t  discuss it  this  time.  The  main  focus  is  that  the  government  must  be  formed  under  the  leadership  of  our  party.  It’s  the  party  that  counts  not  the  person.

Your  party  has  been  demanding  the  formation  of  national  united  government.  There  are  talks  of  majority  government  too.  Are  both  the  options  open?

Both  of  the  options  are  open.  But,  we  also  discussed  about  the  possibility  of  the  national  unity  government  in  the  politburo  meeting.   We  came  to  the  conclusion  that  the  possibility  of  a  national  unity  government  is  getting  weaker.  Taking  this  situation  into  account,  we  have  decided  to  remain  prepared  for  both  options.

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