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Nepal – Line Struggle Is Part of Making Revolution

Posted by hetty7 on September 6, 2010

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Maoist CC Meeting:
Maoist Leaders Differ on Next Strategic Move

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Kathmandu, Aug 25: In his supplementary political paper, Maoist Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya has demanded a thorough review of the party’s tactical line adopted since the signing of  the 12-point agreement with the parliamentary political parties, and chart  out a new course to achieve communist political goals.

Baidya,  who leads the hard-line camp in the Maoist party, also expressed dissatisfaction over the leadership’s reluctance to prepare grounds for an immediate revolt,  as decided by the Kharipati national conclave, to seize state power.

Along with Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal,  Baidya and another Vice-chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai presented separate political papers in the Central Committee (CC) meeting that began at party headquarters  Paris Danda, Kathmandu,  on Wednesday.

“We should review the party’s  course since the signing of the 12-point pact, and go for a new one.  Otherwise, we will end up becoming another parliamentary party,” a  central committee member quoted Baidya as saying at the meeting.

According to party leaders, Baidya attacked both Dahal and Bhattarai in his political document.  “He indirectly dubbed the views of both as deviations from communist ideology.  For him Dahai is a centrist and Bhattarai a revisionist,  said a Maoist source.

Baidya was jailed in India when the historic 12-point agreement was signed between then underground CPN (Maoist) and the seven-party alliance, and he is not happy with the deal.

However,  Dahal stated that the party should move ahead with the agenda of peace and constitution while preparing grounds for a revolt.

On the other hand,  Bhattarai argued  that the party should rather institutionalize the current achievements and zero in on peace process and constitution drafting rather than go for an immediate revolt.

“While the chairman wants to move ahead with the agenda of peace and constitution and make preparation for a revolt simultaneously,  Bhattarai is not for any revolt at this juncture,”  said a Maoist leader.  Bhattarai is of the view that people will naturally revolt if the constitution drafting and peace process fall prey to any conspiracy.

The top three leaders agree that the party should launch a revolt to seize state power, but differ on the appropriate time to launch a revolt.

According to party leaders,  sharp differences also surfaced in determining the party’s  “principal enemy”.  Dahal stated that the Indian interference has become dominant and should be blamed for the current political deadlock.

“So domestic feudalism and India should be declared the party’s principle enemy.  The party should launch struggles against both,”  Dahal stated.

Bhattarai, on the other hand, argued that domestic feudalism, rather than India,  should be declared the party’srincipal enemy.   “It would not be effective to launch struggles against both simultaneously.  So we should launch struggles to get rid of domestic feudalism first,”  another leader quoted Bhattarai as saying.

Likewise,  Baidya  demanded that India be declared the principal enemy.  He was of the opinion that regressive forces  and domestic feudal elements have raised their heads with the backing of India.  However, the three leaders agreed on consolidating struggles through the streets,  parliament and the government.

The central leaders will put forward their views on the documents from Thursday onwards.         Published on 2010-08-25  22: 12:15

2 Responses to “Nepal – Line Struggle Is Part of Making Revolution”

  1. Rishi Raj Baral said

    According to party leaders, Baidya attacked both Dahal and Bhattarai in his political document. “He indirectly dubbed the views of both as deviations from communist ideology. For him Dahai is a centrist and Bhattarai a revisionist, said a Maoist source.

    It is Hundred and five percent right . It is the voice of the Maoist caders . But instead of the word hard-line it will be better to use REVOLUTIONARY line. Baidhya the topmost seniour leader and 2nd to com Prachand, is leading the revolutionary line in UNCP-Maoist. we are fully convienced wfth his analysis . NOt only com Baidhya most of the caders of UNCP – Maoist think, things are not going in the right direction..

  2. bishnu said

    but rishi dai,

    Com.Kiran has no plan whatsoever. only Prachanda and Bhattarai have plans. Bhattarai is the real leader of the party and he has been for quite a while.

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