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Farsi Translation: Arundhati Roy’s Walking with the Comrades

Posted by Mike E on September 14, 2010

click for pamphlet

Earlier this year, Indian writer Arundhati Roy slipped into the tribal base areas of India’s growing Maoist movement. She produced the following remarkable description of revolutionary energy emerging from some of the world’s poorest and most threatened people. This widely-circulated essay is even more important as the Indian military prepares a murderous Operation Green Hunt to target the tribal people and the Maoists, occupy their remote political base areas and clear the ground for multinational corporate exploitation.

Click for map of where Farsi is spoken

Now this important essay is available in Farsi — an important language of the Middle East and Central Asia. This is a printable pamphlet form (46 pages in pdf) of the Farsi translation.

The original English is available here on Kasama in web form. An English version can also be downloaded in pamphlet form.

Thanks to the tireless Kasama translation team who worked through nights to accomplish this.

Farsi readers: Please forward any suggestions you have for improving this translation.

2 Responses to “Farsi Translation: Arundhati Roy’s Walking with the Comrades”

  1. Bob H said

    Outlook Indian has published a follow-up piece by Roy that is quite powerful:
    The Trickle-Down Revolution It should probably be posted to this site.

    She offers some interesting criticism of the Indian Maoists as well.

  2. An improved version of this very pdf is available on Kasama’s Translation page. There are a couple of minor mistakes here.
    enjoy Farsi readers.


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