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Nepal: Maoist Leader’s Reiterate-PLA Won’t Be Dissolved, YCL Will Expand

Posted by artemi0 on October 15, 2010

The following was originally published on Nepal News , Saturday October 9th under the headline “PLA won’t be dissolved

At a time when the UCPN (Maoist) is coming under increasing pressure to integrate its combatants, some Maoist leaders have said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will not be dissolved.

Speaking at a picnic organised by Maoist youth wing, Young Communist League (YCL) , Maoist standing committee member and the military in-charge Barshaman Pun said other parties were trying to ‘finish off’ the Maoist party by dissolving the PLA.

Pun, who is a member of the Special Committee for supervision, integration and rehabilitation of the Maoist combatants, said the Maoists will not give up arms before they are sure of the future of the peace process and the constitution-drafting.

Speaking at the same function, PLA chief Nanda Kishor Pun said that the PLA “is ready to make whatever sacrifice people want”.

Likewise, politburo member and former PLA deputy commander Janardan Sharma said the other parties were raising the issue of integration instead of concentrating on the constitution-drafting and that the PLA would not be dissolved unless the constitution and republican order are ensured.

He also said the party is not ready to disband the YCL, but will instead expand its organisational base.

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