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Nepal – PLA Slams Indian Allegation!

Posted by hetty7 on October 15, 2010

This article was published in Nepal News.

PLA Slams Indian Allegation of Naxalites Receiving Training in its Camps as ‘Propaganda’

Nepal News  12 October 2010

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday refuted the news about Nepal’s Maoists imparting training to Indian Maoists on Nepali soil as ‘baseless and ficticious.”

Issuing a statement on today, PLA chief Pasang expressed regret at these kinds of “baseless and ficticious propaganda” and said he completely denounces it.

In a report that appeared in Monday’s edition of the Indian Express newspaper, the Indian government claimed that Indian Maoists sneak into Nepali territory to get training from the Maoists’ PLA fighters and international terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba.

According to report, the Indian Home Ministry gave the details of the movement of Maoists from India to Nepal and vice-versa and requested the Maoist Naxalite-hit states “to stay on high alert in the fight against Naxalites.”

The report said that the Indian home ministry note says that on June 28, the Maoists from Andhra Pradesh who were led by Comrade Pankaj from Bihar, crossed over to Malangwa in Nepal  and joined 20 trainees undergoing training in the PLA camp.

In the statement Pasang said that these kinds of allegation has only raised suspicion whether some forces are conspiring to derail the ongoing peace process and constitution writing in Nepal in order to create a premise for greater intervention in the country’s internal affairs.

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