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Arundhati Roy: Whither Kashmir? Freedom or Enslavement?

Posted by hetty7 on October 28, 2010

This article is from Times of India.

Indian Colonialism Replaced British Imperialism:  Arundhati Roy

Srinagar: Advocating the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir, author-activist Arundhati Roy on Sunday contended that in 1947, British imperialism was replaced with Indian colonialism which “continued to subjugate the people of India.”

Speaking at a seminar titled “Whither Kashmir?  Freedom or Enslavement,” Roy asked Kashmiris to ponder on the type of society they have in mind for themselves.

“Imperial colonialism is fast being replaced by corporate colonialism and Kashmiris would have to make a choice whether or not they wanted the Indian oppression to be replaced by a future corporate oppression of the local masses,” she said.

“Your struggle has increased the consciousness in India about the oppression you face, but you must decide what type of society you have in mind once you are allowed to decide your future,” she said.

Attacking the Indian government for the “oppression of the Kashmiri people” she said India has been using Kashmiris recruited in the army  and paramilitary forces to suppress the voices of dissent in the Northeast and vice versa.

The seminar was organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society headed by the local rights activist Pervaiz Imroz and was held at a hotel here.

Besides Roy, rights activist Gautam Naulakha and Delhi-based trader unionist Ashim Roy also strongly voiced their support for the freedom movement of the people of Kashmir.

No mainstream or separatist politician was present at the seminar although many local journalists and members of the civil society attended it.

Among the other speakers at the seminar were Najeeb Mubarki, assistant editor of the Economic Times in Delhi, Parvaiz Bukhari, a Srinagar based journalist and Sanjay Kak, a film maker.

Kak released a documentary titled “Jashn-c-Azadi” in 2007 which depicts the ground situation in the valley during the last two decades.  The documentary was acclaimed in the valley with locals maintaining it depicted the truth about the Kashmir situation.

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