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U.S. and Vietnam Training With India’s Anti-Maoist Troops

Posted by hetty7 on November 4, 2010

This articles was published by  The Telegraph.

This article contains rare mention of U.S. collaboration in India’s military crimes:

“US troops have also been in training at the Indian Army’s Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School in Vairangte, Mizoram, where the first drill with the Vietnamese is likely to be conducted.”

Ho! Look Who’s Teaching Army – Hanoi tie-up in Maoist Time

Sujan Dutta

New Delhi, Oct. 13:  The Indian Army has decided to learn from the masters of the bush war – Vietnam – in the middle of an intensive study of Maoist military tactics.

The irony is hard to miss.  When the Naxalites emerged in India in the late 1960’s, a popular slogan that reverberated in Bengal was “Tomar naam, amar naam, Vietnam, Vietnam”.

Translated it means “Your name, my name, Vietnam, Vietnam”, but the English does not have quite the same ring as the passionate Bengali in which the slogan was chorused.

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