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Indian Maoists denounce Obama as “Leader of US imperialism”

Posted by redflags on November 7, 2010

Revolutionary forces in India have denounced the visit of US President Barack Obama, calling for a bandh on November 8 to coincide with his visit to their country [read more]. The following press release from the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was received via the Maoist Revolution international listserve.

Promising peace, Obama has increased the US military and expanded Bush's wars into Pakistan and other countries.

October 31, 2010

Firmly Oppose the India Visit of
Barack Obama, Gang Leader of U.S. Imperialism, the #1 Enemy of the World’s People

Raise the slogan in one voice loudly Throughout the Country!!


US President Barack Obama will be coming to our country on November 6. The comprador rulers of India are busy laying red carpet to welcome him and trying to beautify Mumbai and Delhi. This is a great insult to democracy-loving, peace-loving and patriotic people of our country. US imperialism, which has been plundering the poor countries across the world, suppressing the oppressed nationalities, pushing the notorious thugs and dictators into the power, bullying those countries who wouldn’t cooperate, looting oil, minerals and all other natural wealth and sources and for this going to any extent, is the no. 1 enemy of world people. Its leader Barack Obama is such a person whom the entire humanity must hate. As his predecessor George Bush had accumulated the hate across the globe, US imperialist masters brought Barack Obama in a plan that people could be deceived with his skin color.

Though Obama was so much rhetorical opposing the policies of Bush, after entering into the White House, all the policies and decisions taken by him till this day are nothing but continuation of the Bush administration. In fact the difference between George Bush and Barack Obama lies just in their color and in the name their representative parties. There is no difference between them in exploiting and suppressing the world people, oppressed nationalities, countries and working class of the US. It’s an irrefutable fact that this black color President was selected by the most notorious white masters of US monopolistic corporations.

The US imperialists are killing innocent people everyday in Afghanistan and western Pakistan by indiscriminate bombing and drone attacks. The massacres are still going on endless in Iraq. Obama has proved him self a warmonger by sending 30 thousand more US troops to Afghanistan. The US imperialism, which has stood upon the huge mountains of most destructive arms which could smash this globe at least for ten times,  has been instigating wars and doing wars itself so as to keep away its war industry getting caught in crisis which constitutes a huge share in its economy. On the other hand, it’s been issuing threats to Iran and North Korea in the pretext that they were acquiring nuclear capabilities. Now it’s targeting Yemen alleging that it had become a hub for Al Qaeda. ‘War on terror’, initiated by George Bush after 9/11 attacks, is now being continued without any letting by Democratic Barack Obama with indiscriminate attacks in the name of dealing with Al Qaeda, Talibans and so-called Islamic terrorists. Obama did not try to stop or condemn the inhuman attacks of Israeli Zionists on Gaza, which had become a hell on the ground, and the conspired assassinations of notorious Mosad. Thus Obama holds responsibility for the death of hundreds of Palestine people.

A significant phenomenon that has come to the fore in Obama’s rule, is that the US intelligence agency FBI provokes the innocent American Muslims, particularly the American youths of Pakistani origin, for attacks and then by covert operations it arrests them with all evidences and propagates its victory in a big way. Thus it’s has been able to keep the insecurity feeling alive among the masses of America and to divert huge amounts of people’s money into its ‘war on terror’. By this, the Obama administration is creating endless waves of hopelessness and despair among the Muslim community in America in particular and among entire toiling masses of the US on the whole.

Today, the US economy is caught in a quagmire of severe economic crisis. Present crisis which was initially ignited as a sub-prime crisis, now has taken such a severe form that was never seen after 1930s. Unemployment rate in US is 10% now which is unprecedented. But Obama has been pouring hundreds of billions of dollars of money collected from tax-paying people into the huge bellies of greedy monopolistic corporate lords by pushing American people, particularly working class and middle class people into the state of agony. He cut so many schemes meant for the welfare of the people. Despite all these steps, as there is no ray of hope of getting out of this cyclone of crisis, he’s been trying to intensify the plunder of resources from backward and poor nations so as to revitalize his economy.

Now Obama along with the host of rapacious corporate bosses is not going to come here to enjoy the beauty of Mumbai or Delhi. They’re going to visit our country only to push more capital here and to sign many more agreements which would plunder our country’s wealth further more. Thus, they are eager to plan to push their burden of their crisis onto the shoulders of India even more. They are coming here only to give suggestions to suppress the Maoist movement which is the biggest obstacle in robbing away the resources of this country indiscriminately, along with all other people’s movements, with more barbarity.

During UPA-I, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ignoring stiff opposition from the people, had civilian nuclear deal with the US passed proving himself a trustworthy servant of the US imperialists. The Nuclear Liability Bill which has been passed by the Parliament recently is nothing but a continuation of this servility. Regarding the Bhopal gas leak accident which led to gruesome death of thousands of people and disaster for hundreds of thousands of people in Bhopal, the wounds in the hearts and minds of the people of India continue to pain till this day. And now the UPA government has in a most shameless manner dared to prepare this Bill enabling many more ‘Bhopals’ to make their way and ensuring even if such holocausts take place, the foreign capitalists responsible for those would be set free with far less ‘liability’ (just like Warren Anderson and Dow Chemicals were set free). While BJP has helped UPA government in passing this Bill, the parliamentary Left parties who call themselves Communists, have once again proved their compromising nature by not opposing this traitorous Bill firmly and not initiating people’s movement against this. Manmohan Singh worked hard to ensure this Bill passed before the arrival of Obama.

Indian government is acting as a tool in the hands of the US in its geo-political strategy of encircling China which has been rising recently as a new player in the arena of international capitalism. The US is one hand keeping both India and Pakistan of this region in its firm grip and on the other hand, ensuring the enmity between these countries sustained. It’s been selling arms to both of these countries and plundering the markets of both countries. It’s been implementing its strategy of global hegemony by tightening the grip over this region on the whole. Indian ruling classes are not at all dissenting and thus supporting the regular bombings and drone attacks of the US on Afghanistan and western Pakistan. In response to this, US is supporting India’s policies of intervention and plunder in south Asia region. Now, the Obama’s visit and the warm welcome being offered by these comprador rulers and other opposition parties are an integral part of this collusion.

Instead of opposing Obama’s visit firmly, the parliamentary Left parties are so showing their eagerness and glad to listen this warmonger. They are cheating the people by saying Obama is not Bush. They are trying to hide the fact that the difference between these two would be equivalent only to the difference between a monster and a beast. BJP is singing the welcome tunes along with Congress showing to its comprador nature as well.

Dear people of India! Democrats!! Welcoming Obama means nothing but a betrayal to the values of sovereignty, freedom, independence, self-reliance, peace, justice and democracy. Inviting Obama to our beloved country means showing servility to its warmongering, invasive, exploitative and hegemonic policies. That’s why the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is calling upon entire people, revolutionary and democratic organizations and all patriotic forces of India to register your protest in various forms and to raise the slogan ‘OBAMA! GO BACK!!’ loudly in one voice. On this occasion through distributing leaflets, posters and banners and conducting meetings and seminars, we also call upon the people to register your protest to Obama’s visit to India and to oppose the UPA government and other bankrupt parliamentary parties who’re ridiculing the sovereignty of our country by bowing their heads before the US imperialists.



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

(This statement has been translated from Telugu original)

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