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No U.S. Arms to Counter-Revolutionary India!

Posted by Rosa Harris on November 8, 2010

India’s massive army stands as a direct and brutal obstacle to the aspirations of a billion people — and to the aspiring revolutions within India itself, and in its neighbor Nepal. The Indian army has been encroaching on Nepal’s borders, and is a permanent threat against the rise of the popular Maoist party to power. Meanwhile this same army is preparing the brutal suppression of the Maoists of India — by launching Operation Green Hunt against the liberated zones of India’s tribal corridor.

In addition to the article below, this was reported in the New York Times.

It is not hard to imagine the great danger represented by increasing the Indian Army’s ability to rapidly move troops from one front to another — from one border to another. As its main force confront Pakistan to the West — who wants India to be able to quickly move forces around to other fronts and other adventures easily, especially when it is faced by important revolutions to the North and East!

All over the world, people must demand that the U.S. stop supporting India’s bloody army and its oppressive plans.

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The following report appeared in Business Insider:

The Real Reason For Obama’s Trip To India:
The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History

President Obama is traveling to India this weekend to make a $5 billion sale for 10 of Boeing’s C-17 cargo planes. If India signs the contract, this would be the sixth biggest arms deal in U.S. history.This and the pending $60 billion deal with Saudi Arabia will certainly help to jump-start the economy, as they have for the past fifty years.

We’ve identified the biggest sales since 1973 with help from William Hartung at the Arms and Security Initiative at New America Foundation.

“There’s no question it’s big business,” he said. “But relative to the overall size of our economy and other things we export it’s not like these deals will make or break us.”


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