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Operation Greenhunt Fact Sheet: India’s Military Attack on Tribals and Maoists

Posted by celticfire84 on November 17, 2010

Stop Operation Greenhunt!

The Campaign against War on People compiled a helpful fact sheet on Operation Greenhunt.

Download the Entire PDF here.


The Status of the Current Offensive

•    The offensive will be spread over the next five years.

•    A special forces school, a special forces unit and an army brigade HQ will be set up near Bilaspur. The Bde HQ will participate in anti-Maoist ops in the future. The army is looking for 1,800 acres of land to set up the infrastructure.

•    The IAF is looking for 300 acres for its base •    Home Ministry is sitting on a plan to redeploy the Rashtriya Rifles [from Kashmir to the Naxal affected areas]. RR and BSF unlike other paramilitary forces, have heavy weaponry like medium-range machine guns, mortars and rocket launchers.

•    For now, 27 battalions of the Border Security Force and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police will
be moved into Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra.

•    The paramilitary forces will be supported by six Mi-17 IAF choppers.

• The helicopters will have on board the IAF’s special force, the GARUDS, to secure the chopper and conduct combat search and rescue operations.

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Must Study: How Feds Target International Connections

Posted by celticfire84 on November 17, 2010

Imperialist Agent

The following originally appeared on Kasama.

Each of us needs to understand the implications and dangers of these developments.

First that we need to expose and help defeat attempts to criminalize internationalism.

Second, while important solidarity work remains legal and urgent –  such efforts should not be “coordinated with” international groups. I.e.Specific international connections and coordination are being made legally “radioactive” and internationalist work within needs to be carefully independent (in planning, conception and finances) from people outside the country — no casual communications, no back and forth flow of suggestions, no appearance of mutual consultation on plans, no exchange of seemingly innocent help (

skills, money, etc.) Any international communications by solidarity participants should be limited and careful scrutinized with these legal constraints in mind. Anyone who is approached by someone claiming to be from a proscribed group who claims to have suggestions (however innocent) should report the incident and not pursue the conversation — entrapment is a real tactic of sinister forces.

Thanks to  Ka Frank for sending this.

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