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Nepal:Prachanda Calls for Realizing the Martyrs Dream

Posted by hetty7 on November 24, 2010

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Dahal Defends His Political Line at Plenum

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Palungtar, Gorkha, Nov. 21 – Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday said his party cannot remain complacent with the political achievements made so far and that the ongoing plenum  would chart a concrete policy to complete the “revolution” in Nepal.

“We cannot remain complacent.  The course of the revolution must be taken ahead until we create a society  free of all sorts of oppression and realize the martyrs’ dream. We will not stop until we achieve  peace and constitution as desired by the people,” said Dahal addressing the sixth plenum that kicked off at Palungtar, Gorka.

Dahal has taken a “vague centrist position ideological  line” between the two opposite extreme lines floated by Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya and Vice-chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai respectively, and gave a long speech, defending his own line.

In his speech,  Dahal stressed on four things:  Safeguarding the political achievements made so far, charting the further course of revolution which he thinks is the continuous process, attacking the two extreme lines floated by Baidya and Bhattarai respectively, and his unquestionable leadership of the party.

Over 5,500 party cadres were seated cross-legged in the emotionally-charged meeting hall as Dahal continued his speech attacking “ultra-leftist”  ideological line of Baidya  and “revisionist” line of Bhattarai. While  Baidya is for preparing grounds for an immediate revolt to seize state power and impose a one-party dictatorship.  Bhattarai has pushed for the institutionalization  of the political achievements made so far before taking  another stride toward toward realizing the communist goal.

“Gorkha is a place where the party line of revisionism had received a blow in 1978. So we will get a new energy from the event against revisionism,” Dahal thundered attacking the party-line of Bhattarai.  And he was not less severe in his criticism against “ultra-leftist” line of Baidya.

“We should ditch the mindset that republicanism, federalism, secularism and the agreement on social justice achieved through the force of the decade-long  People’s War and the 19-day mass movement are nothing,” he said attacking the hard-line camp led by Baidya.

The former rebel leader, however, said that the Nepali brand of revolution would be different from those seen in other countries.  “The method of revolution doesn’t repeat; it only evolves.  The October Revolution was different from that used during the Paris Commune.  So we won’t copy other countries models,” said Dahal.

In his speech, Dahal repeatedly emphasized the importance of “party unity”, and said that the “enemy of the people” who are expecting splits in the Maoist party would be disappointed.  “Our party will emerge more vibrant and lively through the method of struggle, unity and transformation at the end of the meeting,” Dahal thundered.

He said he sees the country sliding into a deep crisis and called on the cadres to be ready to fight it and achieve victory. He accused other political parties of being involved in the conspiracy hatched by “reactionaries” against the Constituent Assembly (CA) and the peace process.  The Maoist chairman also attacked “foreign intervention” in Nepal, though he did not pronounce the name of India as in the past.

“The country’s own leadership should be able to decide the fate of the country. But this has not been happening. So we will also chart the course of our struggle for national independence,” he said.  Dahal also defended his leadership of the party and said, ” Ideology and leadership cannot be created overnite. It develops through the process of continuous transformation,” he said.

2 Responses to “Nepal:Prachanda Calls for Realizing the Martyrs Dream”

  1. Nobody in Particular said

    A strong speech on Prachnda’s part. Let’s hope Nepal doesn’t repeat the mistake of single-party state authoritarianism, and opts to protect the proletariat’s political freedom. “Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”

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