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Baidya at Nepal Maoist Plenum: Time is Ripe for Revolt

Posted by hetty7 on November 25, 2010

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This article was published by  myrepublica.

We urge readers to remember that these reports on the Maoist Central Committee meeting are, at this point, still coming to us through the bourgeois press — who have their own motives and worldview.  No one should assume that these are accurate. We will post actual texts of the various positions and speeches as soon as they become available in English. Baidya is also known by his nom de guerre, Kiran.

Maoist Plenum – Baidya Threatens Revolt Against Party

Post Bahadur Basnet

Palungstar, Gorkha, Nov. 23: Maoist Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya has threatened to revolt against the party if the official party line is not implemented.

“If the  party doesn’t become revolutionary and gets bogged down in revisionism, we will have to raise the red flag for revolution,” a party leader quoted Baidya as saying while presenting his separate political document  in closed session on Monday, the second of the plenum being held in Palungstar, Gorkha district.

Baidya warned that he would not remain in the party if it sides with revisionism.

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