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Nepal Maoists Condemn Indian Operation against Rebels

Posted by celticfire84 on November 30, 2010

Source: Sify News

Kathmandu, Nov 28 (IANS) A year after India started paramilitary operations against its own outlawed Maoist party and nearly five months after security forces killed a top guerrilla leader, Nepal’s Maoist party has finally reacted to the incidents officially, condemning both and underlining its continued antagonism towards the Indian government.

The week-long plenum of Nepal’s largest party, that ended in a remote village in western Nepal Saturday, has formally condemned India’s ‘Operation Green Hunt’, the offensive started in five Indian states in November 2009 to flush out underground Maoists, known as Naxalites in India.

‘We condemn the oppression of the Indian people in the name of Operation Green Hunt,’ the plenum declaration said. ‘We urge for a peaceful resolution of the problem.’

The 14-point statement also condemned the ‘immoral and planned murder’ of Cherukuri Rajkumar, who was the spokesman of the Indian Maoists under the nom de guerre Azad.

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Philippines: Students Protest Education Cuts

Posted by celticfire84 on November 30, 2010

Source: Philippine Revolution

Students, teachers and faculty protests cuts to education in the Philippines.

Campus rallies against SUC budget cuts presage rising tide of youth and people’s protests

by Communist Party of the Philippines
November 27, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) salutes and supports the struggle of students and other school personnel of the University of the Philippines, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the Philippine Normal University and other state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Metro Manila and other regions against unjust SUC budget cuts.

The CPP hails the militancy and determination of the students, teachers and other school personnel in the mass protest actions they have launched the past two weeks. The CPP takes note of the widespread unity of students, teachers, administrative officials, non-academic workers and supporters against the US-Aquino regime’s SUC budget cuts. The broad united front against the budget cuts underscores the popular opposition to the ruling regime’s policy to cut state subsidies for SUCs and other direly needed social services, and concentrate the bulk of state spending for foreign debt servicing, military spending, privatization programs, “pork barrels” and the World Bank’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program for perpetual mendicancy. Read the rest of this entry »

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U.S. Ambassador to Nepal: Damage Control over Coming Leaks

Posted by Mike E on November 30, 2010

Hegemonik posted this on Kasama:

U.S. Ambassador to Nepal reacts on the U.S. embassy site:

Of course, even a solid relationship will have its ups and downs. We have seen that in the past few days, when documents purportedly downloaded from U.S. Defense Department computers became the subject of reports in the media. They appear to contain our diplomats’ assessments of policies, negotiations, and leaders from countries around the world as well as reports on private conversations with people inside and outside other governments.

I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any one of these documents. But I can say that the United States deeply regrets the disclosure of any information that was intended to be confidential. And we condemn it. Diplomats must engage in frank discussions with their colleagues, and they must be assured that these discussions will remain private. Honest dialogue—within governments and between them—is part of the basic bargain of international relations; we couldn’t maintain peace, security, and international stability without it. I’m sure that Nepal’s ambassadors to the United States would say the same thing. They too depend on being able to exchange honest opinions with their counterparts in Washington and send home their assessments of America’s leaders, policies, and actions.

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Nepal Maoists: Reports of Unresolved Disunity After CC Meeting

Posted by Mike E on November 30, 2010

Often in the long-standing debates of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), party conferences ended by announcing a merged or compromise position.

Some initial reports from the recent Central Committee meeting suggest that this time has been different.And, in particular in this article the argument is made that the ability of party chairman Prachanda to act as a unifying center within the party has been weakened by the sharpness of differences and the urgency of acting upon one or another strategic decision.

The long-standing and intensifying political line-struggle has centered over the timing of a possible seizure of power and more radical transformation of society — with some forces urging immediate preparations and others urging postponement. The issues include when to launch the next advance of revolution, whether a socialist Nepal can survive under current international conditions, and what would happen to the revolutionary movement if it were placed in semi-permanent holding pattern.

The following article comes from My Republica. We urge readers to remember that these reports on on the Maoist Central Committee Plenum are at this point still coming to us through the bourgeois press – who have their own motives and worldview. No one should assume that these are accurate, and we will post actual texts of the various positions and speeches as soon as they become available in English.

* * * * * *

Plenum weakens Dahal


“This is the first time in the party´s history that your political document has failed. What do you have to say, comrade?”

When a journalist shot this question at Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal during the news conference held at the end of the weeklong party plenum in Gorkha last Saturday, the latter looked disappointed while the face of Vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who was sitting cross-legged nearby, lit up.

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