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Nepal: U.S. Ambassador Delisi Fears Wiki-Leak Fallout

Posted by Mike E on December 2, 2010

Thanks to Hegemonik. The following appeared on Republica.

We have reported that the recent dump of U.S. diplomatic cables includes some heavy traffic about the Maoist revolutionaries in Nepal, and potentially documentation of secret U.S. ties to various forces in Nepal.

For example, this appeared a few days ago on the AHN site.

“A Wikileaks report says the documents date to 1995, with almost 1,200 tagged with PTER (Prevention of Terrorism). There are 339 with the specific tag “Maoist” or “Maoist Insurgency.””

Now comes daily reports from Kathmandu that the U.S. ambassador is scrambling (before the release of these documents) to do damage control. We do not yet know when the documents will be public, or what they contain. But we can assume that the U.S. ambassador DeLisi does.

DeLisi meets Sujata on WikiLeaks release

REPUBLICA, KATHMANDU, Dec 1: In an apparent bid to control possible damages to Nepal-US relation in light of the announcement of WikiLeaks to release classified US dossiers on Nepal, US Ambassador Scott H DeLisi on Wednesday called on Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sujata Koirala to emphasize that such a move will not affect the Nepal-US ties.

“He said the US is concerned over possible repercussions the planned release of confidential documents by WikiLeaks will bring in the Nepal-US ties,” said Koirala about her meeting with the US envoy at her office Wednesday morning, adding, “The documents to be released by the WikiLeaks may not be based on facts. There might be reporting about government officials, politicians, civil society leaders, journalists, etc in the report to be released.”

The US has geared up to control possible damage that the planned publication of classified documents may result in the Nepal-US relation following the announcement by WikiLeaks on Monday to make public nearly over 2,000 US dossiers on Nepal.

Koirala told DeLisi that the Nepal-US relation will remain as cordial as it is now even after the publication of the dossiers in the coming months.

“Every country prepares the kind of reports the WikiLeaks plans to make public in diplomacy. The only difference is such reports are kept secret,” DPM Koirala told Republica.

According to Koirala, the envoy during the meeting asked her not to cast doubts over the existing cordial relationship between Nepal and the US. DeLisi had reached the Foreign Ministry in the morning to discuss possible impact on the diplomatic relations between the two countries as the whistle blower website announced on Monday to release 2,600 diplomatic memos on Nepal in a phase wise manner.

“The US ambassador expressed his fear that there might be negative impacts on the diplomatic ties between Nepal and America following the WikiLeaks´ announcement,” DPM Koirala told mediapersons after the meeting.

Published on 2010-12-01 22:50:36


2 Responses to “Nepal: U.S. Ambassador Delisi Fears Wiki-Leak Fallout”

  1. another brother said

    Of note: Congress Party big Deuba travelled to the USA, to meet with Bush after the palace coup that brought Gyanendra to power. They received military assistance to prevent democracy from coming to Nepal, while thousands of journalists and political activists were detained and even tortured. US complicity with leading members of Congress (in particular), as well as with the (then-Royal) Nepal Army have been hidden from both the people of Nepal and the USA. I look forward to these releases.

  2. Surendra said

    Give me break! No information in Nepal is secret! – every member of partys has given out the details across the years to the public so how much about our own history we dont know? not much. and most is the water already flowed under the bridge. – who cares? instead our politicos should be spend time on making the constitution – DO YOUR JOB POLITICOs.

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