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WikiLeaks Nepal: Maoists Deny Funding from India

Posted by celticfire84 on December 6, 2010

“Refuting the report, C.P. Gajurel, senior Unified Maoists’ Party leader told journalists in Kathmandu that his party has never accepted financial support from any source.”

The following appeared on Telegraph Nepal. As always we urge readers to remember that these reports are at this point still coming to us through the bourgeois press – who have their own motives and worldview. No one should assume that these are accurate, and we will analyze and quote actual texts as they become available.

Gajurel rebukes WikiLeaks disclosure of Indian financial support to Nepal Maoists

After the disclosure of the US government’s secret document by WikiLeaks which claimed that the Indian establishment had funded the then-terrorist declared Maoists Party of Nepal, an overly worried Maoists’ leaders have begun demanding detail probe into the issue and asked all concerned to prove the case.

Much ahead of the WikiLeaks disclosure, there was widespread belief in Nepal that Indian establishment had extended its full-fledged support to the Maoists rebellion from providing trainings to the Maoists’ Militias to arming them as well, food and shelter included.

The rebellion came to an unexpected end only after the death of some 15,000 innocent men and women.

Why the Indian regime wanted the Nepalese to be killed by the Nepalese is yet a mystery. Perhaps soon this mystery will be made public thanks WikiLeaks.

In the US government’s secret document, the Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao is quoted as accepting that India had provided monetary incentive to the Maoists but the strategy did not work as per the Indian expectations to gain their favor.

Support for mal intentions usually fail.

Refuting the report, C.P. Gajurel, senior Unified Maoists’ Party leader told journalists in Kathmandu that his party has never accepted financial support from any source. If we are proven guilty we are ready to face any action, he also claimed.

Poor Gajurel did not reveal as to who will do what sort of investigation into the issue and who will be proven guilty?

In the course of his speech, Mr. Gajurel who is taken as a hardliner in the party said that with the departure of United Nations’ Political Mission (UNMIN) from Nepal, the UN agencies will continue to support peace process.

As if he were the spokesperson of the UN Mission said Gajurel, “The UN will not leave anything in tatters.”

As is the normal practice of majority of Maoists’ leaders, Gajurel also threatened revolt if the peace process and constitution drafting process did not come to positive end in six months remaining period.

WikiLeaks terror appears to have already rocked the Maoist paraphernalia.

5 Responses to “WikiLeaks Nepal: Maoists Deny Funding from India”

  1. maitri said

    rajesh and others: what do you guys make of this? the royalists have been saying this kind of stuff since the beginning of the PW. has this had any effect in Nepal at all?

  2. another brother said

    Indeed. It’s also funny to note that there is no link to any cable that alleges this. It’s just crude attempts to switch the story. The (former Royal) Nepal Army’s leadership, Congress and likely M.K. Nepal among others have been collaborating with foreign powers (India, the USA) to deny political, economic and social sovereignty to the people of Nepal. They have done this like compradors always do.

    The cables which have been released aren’t the ‘real truth’ — but a collection of correspondence from US State Department officials. As such, they contain the worldview and attention of imperialists. Many have noted the secret collaboration of US lackeys, vassals and other opportunists.

    Royalists can make any claim they want. They fought for their dependent theocracy, and they have lost. Nepal and the world want to know who else has collaborated to put down the People’s War, obstruct the constitution and maintain an armed force that is not accountable to civilian control.

  3. maitri said

    thanks another brother. do you see the above piece as essentially royalist propaganda? do you think there is any truth to it at all?

  4. Rajesh said

    Dear Maitri,
    I do not think that this is a royalist propaganda. This is just a piece of information, which could not be verified, at least in the near future. Hence, better to leave it. True (a few leaders had some deals?)or untrue (could be simply Indian internal propaganda), it will have no impact on UCPN (M)and its image as the party has already gone through more serious allegations, e.g. the ‘Chinese businessman’s’ episode.

    As far as your question in another posting related to the chances of restart of people’s war, in my opinion, there are three scenarios. Highest chance is that of popular uprising and participation of the PLA as its backbone. It will not happen as UCPN (M) wishes or desires so, but because the objective phenomenon in the country is creating such situation to happen. The second option could be restart of people’s war and the third could be disappearance of PLA through the tricky tactic of reintegration and rehabilitation. The stalemate may continue for a few more months. We have to wait till one line prevails over the other. This stalemate may be finally over by May 2011, when the constitution writing date expires, most probably, without writing a new constitution.

  5. maitri said

    thanks Rajesh. let us hope the correct line prevails and Nepal can be the first revolution of the 21st century!

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