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Maoists Will Defend Nepal’s National Independence

Posted by celticfire84 on December 7, 2010

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Nepal Maoists to foil plot to undermine sovereignty

Kathmandu, Nov 30 (PTI) A senior Maoist leader today underlined the determination of Nepal”s former rebels to foil any plot to undermine national sovereignty.

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, Maoist vice president, said the party plenum decided to fight plots that threaten national integrity, sovereignty and independence, without naming any country.

Amid conflicting reports that Prachanda had described India as the principal enemy of the party, Shrestha said the extended conclave of the Maoist had decided to fight back Indian interference if it posed threat to the completion of the peace process and framing of the constitution.

However, he dismissed reports claiming that Maoists described India as the principle enemy during their week-long plenum that ended in western Nepal”s Gorkha district last week.

We have not termed India as our principle enemy, Shrestha said at an interaction programme in the capital today.

Party sources had said that in his political paper presented at the conclave, Prachanda has described India as the principal enemy of the party. But as his deputy Baburam Bhattarai did not favour the idea, the plenum could not come to a consensus on the issue, sources said.

Shrestha, however, dissmiessed such reports, saying none of the three proposals presented during the plenum termed India as the principle enemy.

The Maoists have stepped up anti-India campaign after they were force to quit the government in 2008 over the row linked to the sacking of then army chief.

In a 14 point-document issued by the party at the end of the plenum, the Maoists have also condemned the suppression of India’s Naxalites by the Indian security forces and killing of one of its leader Azad in an encounter with the police.

S.D. Muni, the former professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi who met Prachanda yesterday, quoted the Maoist chief as saying that the media had portrayed him as anti-India.

I do no consider India as our “principal enemy,” but we have “principal contradictions” with it, the Indian scholar quoted Prachanda as saying.

Prachanda said that media has portrayed him as anti-India though he was not anti-India. “Our party will never consider India as the principal enemy”, he told Muni.

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