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Nepal: Prachanda Warns Against Conspiracies to Impede New Constitution

Posted by hetty7 on December 13, 2010

This article is from My Republica

The article below refers to Prachanda addressing the 18th National Convention of All Nepal Independent Students’ Union – Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) which began on December 10th.


Dahal to Turn Campuses into Barracks

Kathmandu, Dec. 10: Unified Communist Party Nepal – Maoist (UCPN -Maoist)  Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on Friday warned that his party would turn all campuses and schools across the country into ‘barracks’ if conspiracies against peace and the new constitution go unabated.

Addressing the inaugural function of the 18th National Convention of All Nepal Independent Students’ Union – Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) in Kirtipur, Chairman Dahal claimed that regressive and reactionary elements both at home and abroad were hatching conspiracies against the historic achievement of democracy and republic through Janaandolan II.

He asked the students to keep themselves  in a militarized state, claiming that such conspiracies were getting more complex and intense.

“If the country now fails to present itself in a militarized fashion there is danger of a handful of regressive elements placing their country in jeopardy,” he said. “I appeal to all students to prepare to turn themselves into an army and campuses across the country into barracks to retaliate against them.”

Chairman Dahal,  however, did not name the “regressive’ and ‘counter revolutionary’ forces.

He argued that conspiracies were being hatched not only against democracy and republic but also against the country’s sovereignty.  “If the conspiracies go unabated these campuses need to be turned into barracks to counter the regressive and reactionary forces.

Dahal said that  they are trying their best  to foil such conspiracies and the Maoists had launched a revolutionary movement to that end.

He also claimed that the Maoist party was the most democratic party and this was manifested by the seven-day discussion among 7,000 members of the party from across the country at the recently held extended plenum.

Also speaking on the occasion, ANNISU-R Chairman Lekh Nath Pandey said the country would not see peace unless there is a policy to ensure the same education for the children of the President, the prime minister, and other political party leaders as for those of landless squatters.

The five-day national convention has a total `1,818 representatives from across the country.  While vice-chairman duo Ram Deep Acharya and Yuvraj Chaulagain and general ecretary Himal Sharma are vying for the post of chairman of the Maoist student body, Ramesh Maila and Binda Man Bista are in the race for general secretary.

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