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Nepal: Maoist Revolutionary Student’s 18th Conference

Posted by hetty7 on December 16, 2010

This article is from the Nepali Maoist English language newspaper The Red Star.

Kathmandu, 3 december, 2010:  All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union – ANNISU-(Revolutionary), one of the largest student unions of Nepal, has successfully completed its preparation for its 18th National Conference. The task of publicity, organization, mobilization and mobilization of the supporters and the people has been reached to the last phase. Kirtipur – a historic city and venue of the conference – has been charmingly decorated with wall paintings, pamphlets and red banners.

Inauguration of the conference is on 10th December, 2010

The conference will be inaugurated by UCPN-Maoist Chairman Prachanda on 10th December on the yard of Tribhuwan University at Kirtipur in capital city Kathmandu.  The conference will elect its new central executive body and will take important decisions on national independency and people’s education.

According to the publicity department of conference preparation committee, one thousand and eight hundred representatives will participate in the conference and more than hundred thousand  people will be mobilized in the inaugural session.

The conference will be continued for three days.

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