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Nepal: Maoist Central Committee Adopts Chairman’s Approach to Revolt

Posted by celticfire84 on December 22, 2010

The following comes from Republica. We remind our readers to exercise caution about information promoted from the bourgeois press and not take lightly issues of line struggle. However, things are in motion in Nepal and we should remain watchful of these events. Posting here, as usual, does not imply endorsement.

Maoist CC passes Dahal’s paper

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: The UCPN (Maoist) Central Committee meeting on Friday endorsed the political paper of party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal that proposes to go for a revolt if there is any conspiracy against peace and the new constitution.

The CC meeting held at party headquarters, Paris Danda endorsed Dahal´s political paper by voice vote as Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya, who had presented a separate political paper during the Palungtar plenum, supported Dahal, except in his review of the party´s history from the Chunwang meeting to date.

Another Vice-chairman, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, has expressed his disagreement over Dahal´s political paper, saying that it would only encourage counter-revolution but voiced his support for the immediate work plan proposed by Dahal. The three top leaders, however, are in consensus over the party´s immediate work plan as there has been agreement to hold a debate on the differences seen in the political papers of Chairman Dahal and Dr Bhattarai.

“The political paper presented by the chairman at the Palungtar plenum has been endorsed by the CC meeting,” said Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma after the meeting.

Chairman Dahal and Vice-chairmen duo Baidya and Dr Bhattarai had presented separate political papers at the Palungtar plenum as there was no consensus among the top three leaders on the party´s immediate action plan. The plenum had given responsibility to the party´s CC committee to resolve differences seen in the three separate political papers and come up with a single document on the party´s immediate action plan.

All three political papers mainly dwelt on determining the party´s principal enemy and a review of the Chunwang meeting, among other things. While Chairman Dahal had proposed ´Indian expansionism and intermingling of domestic reactionaries´ as the principal enemy, Baidya and Dr Bhattarai had taken ´India´ and ´domestic reactionaries´ respectively, as the principal enemy of the party.

Friday´s CC meeting endorsed Dahal´s political paper as Baidya agreed to Dahal´s proposal that ´Indian expansionism and intermingling of domestic reactionaries´ be taken as the principal enemy. While proposing to forward a slogan of struggle for peace and constitution, Dahal in his political paper has given emphasis to people´s revolt.

The Palungtar plenum had decided to hold a debate both within and outside the party on differences seen among the top three leaders.
According to spokesperson Sharma, the CC meeting decided to start a new publication, ´Bichar Dhara´, to debate the ideological differences seen among the leaders –something leaders close to Dr Bhattarai have opposed saying that it would close the door for open debate.

Baidya had expressed reservations over the analysis of Dahal and Dr Bhattarai that the party´s political course of peace, constitution and federal democratic republic adopted by the party´s Chunwang meeting was correct.

Among other things, Baidya has said it was mistake on the part of the Maoists to agree to the end of the people´s war in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and dissolution of the Maoists´ self-styled people´s government. He has also criticized the party-led government as a total failure as it could not do anything significant during its leadership.

Vice-chairman Bhattarai has expressed reservations over Chairman Dahal´s political paper. “This action plan will only help counter-revolution if we take into account both the national and international situation,” a CC member quoted Dr Bhattarai as saying. “I may be in a wrong position as well. Despite my reservations, I support the immediate work plan adopted by the party.”

Dr Bhattarai had said at the meeting that the work plan proposed by Dahal would neither bring peace nor ensure promulgation of a new constitution or a revolt.

Maoists to hold struggle programs

As a part of the party´s struggle program for peace and constitution, the Maoists plan to hold rallies starting from December 30 and internal orientation for party cadres until January 14, 2011. Likewise, the party has proposed to appeal people in the streets along with a publicity campaign from mid-January to mid-February and launch a strong struggle from February 13 that coincides with the anniversary of the Maoist people´s war launched in 1996 and take the struggle program to a new height beginning April 7, which marks Janaandolan Day.

Maoists to seek UNMIN term extension

Maoists have decided to seek consent from other political parties for extending the term of UNMIN yet again if the integration and rehabilitation of combatants is not accomplished by the set deadline of January 15, 2011. The Maoists also decided to seek an alternative if there is no consensus with political parties on UNMIN´s term extension.

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