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Communist Party of the Philippines Celebrates 42nd Anniversary

Posted by celticfire84 on December 29, 2010

Ka Oris reports on the victories achieved by the revolutionary movement during the past year

Thanks to Democracy & Class Struggle for pointing this out.

Thousands join CPP celebrations despite AFP/PNP harassments

December 27, 2010

Several thousand people joined celebrations yesterday of the 42nd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in a what was described as “one of the biggest celebrations of the revolutionary victories of the Filipino people exhibiting the continuing growth of the revolutionary movement led by the CPP.”

At the same time, the CPP denounced the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) “for setting-up checkpoints along the route to the site of the assembly to harass participants and dissuade them from proceeding to the site of the celebrations in violation of the spirit and intent of the 19-day ceasefire.”

The whole day celebration was hosted by the National Democratic Front-Mindanao.

According to NDF-Mindanao spokesperson Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos, a few more thousand people failed to join the celebrations because of the checkpoints setup by the military and police. “Checkpoints were setup by the 4th Infantry Division all over the Caraga region in a desperate attempt by the AFP to prevent the people from joining the celebrations of the CPP anniversary.”

At around eight in the morning, traffic built up to around two kilometers along the main highway leading to San Agustin town, Surigao del Sur, as military and police operatives blocked scores of vehicles carrying participants. According to Ka Oris: “The military and police unreasonably blocked the people’s free movement insisting on listing all the license numbers of vehicles, asking for registration papers and checking the license of drivers.”

The military and police checkpoints only relented when reporters and cameramen from local and international media outfits arrived and witnessed the harassments.

“The attempts to stop people from joining the celebrations of the CPP violated the spirit and intent of the simultaneous ceasefire which, among others, aim at allowing personnel of both sides to be with their families and friends to hold celebrations during the holidays,” added Ka Oris.

“Despite the harassments, the celebrations pushed through and was carried out successfully,” added Ka Oris. Thousands of peasants and lumad people, fisherfolk, as well as workers and students from town centers joined a company of New People’s Army (NPA) Red fighters in a field surrounded by coconut trees and rice paddies. “This shows the deep and widespread support of the people for the Communist Party and the revolutionary movement.”

The occasion also served as an opportunity for Red fighters to be joined by their families.

According to the CPP, scores of other smaller assemblies were carried out in guerrilla fronts all over the country, as well as in factories, schools, offices, private homes and communities in cities and town centers.

2 Responses to “Communist Party of the Philippines Celebrates 42nd Anniversary”

  1. Harsh Thakor said

    Red Salutes to the Communist Party of Phillipines for the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary.No Communist Movement has so consistently adhered to the concept of the mass line as much as them.They made a historic rectification struggle 22 years ago against erroneous trends.The re-Organisation of the party and the preparation for the launching of the armed struggle in 1968 is a lesson for comrades worldwide.It is an example of a body surviving in alltpes of conditions and circumstances and adapting itself.It is remarkable that they have also waged legal extra-parliamentray struggles ,in addition to armed struggle.The party has placed emphasis on mass movements and mass organisations being a neccessary component of the Revolution ,without which armed struggle cannot be succesfuly waged.Infact there is a tendency amongst the Maoist party in India to place one-sided emphasis on armed struggle and totally negate the use of legal extra-parliamentary struggles.This was also partially true of the Sendero Luminoso in Peru who strategically rejected extrparliamentray forms of struggle.The Mass organisations created in the urban areas amongst trade Unions is also an important development as well as the mass work in the cities.

    With the Neplaese comrades virtually capitulating to rightist trends,the Sendero Luminoso temporarily defeated ,and the Indian Maoist movement vitiated with left adventurist trends the Communist Party of Phillipines struggle is the closest to Chairman Mao’s concept of Protracted Peoples War .They are lighting a Red Flame in the emancipation of mankind.

  2. siva said

    With all due respect to the CPP, it too had its dark days.
    What matters is how one learns from experience. The CPP has done well.
    Rather than judge parties and struggles based on set models, it may make more sense to look at each in context, and encourage people to learn from each other.
    What seems to be somewhat lacking among parties and supporters is constructive criticism instead of rushing to judgment and harsh denunciation.

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