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UCPN(M) Reaches Unity after Meeting

Posted by celticfire84 on December 30, 2010

Originally posted on the Red Star.

New document passes in UCPN-Maoist CC meeting

photo by Jed Brandt

Kathmandu, 18 Dec: The central committee meeting of UCPN-Maoist has passed a unified document in place of three different documents put forwarded in Palungtar party extended meeting. Central committee meeting has decided to pass a single document by submitting principal contradiction, party line and working plan from the three different documents.

The meeting has reached to the conclusion to publish inter-party forum for the debate on the difference of opinion. According to a central committee member, the party has adapted the Leninist organizational principle- freedom in discussion and unity in action. The party has its common thinking to develop ideas and its methods to solve the problems created in the movement and in the party.

Party has decided to run struggle for nationality, people’s power and people’s livelihood during one month- from January 15 to February 12. For the preparation of the struggle, party has decided to take schooling for one month prior to the struggle.

5 Responses to “UCPN(M) Reaches Unity after Meeting”

  1. NO. It is not true . The document is not passed . It is under discussion abd debate .

  2. maitri said

    rishi and other comrades,

    I am a bit confused about the position of the UCPNM on the UN mission in nepal. Most of the bourgeois and reactionary parties want the UNMIN to go, but the Maoists want the UNMIN to stay to complete the integration into the Nepal Army. if you could clarify this, that would be great.


  3. Really it is a matter of confusing . Everybody knows UNMIN is backed by American imperialism . But it is also true that Indion expansionism wants to take the place of UNMIN. Parties and leaders, who are working for India, want to make out UNMIN, so that it will be easy to play for the Indions . And Neplese people know India is playing very dangerious game in Nepal . Neplease people always hate Indian expansionism and their lackeys . But we must be clear, UNMIN also is not working for Maoist .

  4. rajesh said

    The UCPN (M) has been trying to keep UNMIN as long as possible. Perhaps, the top leadership has concluded that UNMIN is some sort of insurance against Indian actions. Also, its presence may help the leadership to buy time to prolong the ‘integration’.

    I think, both UNMIN and India are supportive to each other. UNMIN offers sugar coated poisonous tablets to ensure death of Nepali new democratic revolution. So, it offers plenty of opportunities to the leaders and cadres to commit mistakes and hence, to destroy the image of the party. It also gives chances of false hope that its presence may help resolving conflict. It is overtly committed to demobilize PLA through the process of ‘integration’ and ‘rehabilitation’. On the other side, India is blunt and plays with swords. Basically, UNMIN and India, both are not friends of Nepali revolution.

    Hence, the stay of UNMIN is simply not helpful for the cause of revolution. Similarly, the exit of UNMIN may not accelerate the process of revolutionary fervor. From the perspective of a revolutionary, it may not be a critically vital factor.

  5. siva said

    Let us not jump to hasty conclusions.
    If we question the wisdom of the peace process, it is quite another matter. It may not seem a good idea on hindsight to many. But it was part of the process. Let us not pass judgment on the UCPNM. Let us accept its ability to rectify errors.

    Having entered a peace process, the Maoists have had to deal with its implications. The UNMIN is not their friend or of the people of Nepal, but tactically, with the peace process still nominally in place, the Maoists see certain benefits of their presence in the context of Indian meddling and the wish of the reactionaries to subvert the peace process in a way that would invite foreign meddling.

    Also, UNMIN was not a mediator; and it is NOT a peace-keeping force. It cannot play a military role in Nepal under its terms.

    The fact that pro-India parties want UNMIN to go itself justifies to some degree the UCPMN’s desire to prolong its stay for the duration of the CA.

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