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U.S. Govt Plays Godfather to Nepal’s Counterrevolutionary Army

Posted by hetty7 on January 5, 2011

This article was published by Republica.

It confirms the important role the U.S. intends to play as a paymaster, adviser and arms supplier to the Nepal Army.

The U.S. cut off public military aid in 2005 when the King staged a fascist coup d’etat, isolated himself and triggered a storm of resistance. Now the U.S. is offering “full-fledged military assistance” in exchange for even more control over how the Nepal Army conducts itself.

This is raw imperialism in action — it shows the U.S. intention to dominate this region, and shows that the Nepal Army is considered an important instrument of such foreign control. The specific dmeands reveal a U.S. desire to reshape this army — to prepare it politically to dominate Nepal, a country where the people increasingly support sweeping new radical changes. This raises renewed concerns about both foreign intrigue and attempts at aggressive military intervention in Nepali politics.

These plans for military aid and political intervention are nowbeing refined in the U.S. Senate. They show the U.S. concern that the NA quickly clean up its image (as a murdering force oppressing the people) in order to serve as an instrument for suppressing the people of Nepal and stabilizing a conservative order.

The NA is one of the few remaining pillars of the old feudal system in Nepal — continuing the royalist cause after the King himself was deposed.

As always we urge readers to remember that the media source here has its own motives and worldview.

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Free Binayak Sen! Fighting For the People Is Not a Crime!

Posted by hetty7 on January 5, 2011

An interview with Arundhati Roy on Binayak Sen – by Rupashree Nanda from CNN-IBN

A man like Binyak Sen who worked amongst the poorest of the poor is a criminal and those who have scammed 175,000 cores of the public exchequer with the help of the judiciary, the media and everybody else…there is a little tut-tut and everyone is going about  their lives, their farm houses, their bmws. So the definition of anti-national activity is itself corrupted now…anyone who is talking about justice  is being called a Maoist.

India: Never Expected a Fair Verdict – Arundhati Roy

December 29, 2010Arundhati Roy speaking to CNN-IBN’s Rupashree  Nanda about the Binayak Sen judgement said that she never expected the judgement to be fair but she was taken aback at the extent of the unfairness. This is what she had to say.

Rupashree Nanda: What was your first reaction when you heard that Binayak Sen and two others have been convicted  for sedition and life sentence has been awarded to them.

Arundhati Roy: I was not expecting the judgement to be fair but I was taken aback at the extent of the unfairness. In a sense, it seemed as though the evidence produced in the court and the judgement were just not connected to each other. My reaction was that in some way it was a declaration…it wasn’t a judgement it was a declaration of intent, it was a message and it was a warning to others. So that works in two ways.  The warning will be taken into account of. I think perhaps people who passed the judgement were not expecting that it would unite people in outrage the way it has done.

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