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Nepal’s Maoists: Struggle Continues for Independence and People’s Republic

Posted by celticfire84 on January 9, 2011

Maoist Rally in Nepal. Photo by Jed Brandt.

From the English language newspaper of the Nepal Maoists, Red Star Online.

Kathmandu, 7 January: “Struggle for independence and federal republic is still continued,” said UCPN-Maoist Chairman Com. Prachanda in a launching ceremony of a work “Memories of People’s War and a website organized by the Academy of martyr Krishna Sen ‘Ichhuk’ at Kathmandu today.

Saying the struggle for independence and republic as the struggle for life and death, he added that Maoists are  committed to fight the battle even in the cities after it has already fought in the hills, mountains and in the jungle.

Focusing on the current political situation, he expressed that the struggle is being polarized between pro-independence and the pro-capitulation elements. In the programme, Senior-most Vice-Chairman Mohan Baidya “Kiran” said that the UCPN-Maoist party has taken some important decisions on the struggle and it won’t stop because both the struggle of independence and people’s republic will be carried together.

2 Responses to “Nepal’s Maoists: Struggle Continues for Independence and People’s Republic”

  1. Thanks for this post . Yes we have started our own website . And we have started nationwide movement of ‘NationalIndependence and People’s republic .

  2. celticfire said

    Rishi Raj Baral: I will check that out. Thanks for commenting.

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