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UN Chief: Nepal Deadlock Could Produce Maoist Revolt or Military Coup

Posted by redpines on January 14, 2011

A deadlocked peace process: grim situation or seeds of a new future?

The following article appeared in Newsweek. This is the magazine’s first article on the Nepal Maoists since 2007.

“The mission’s outgoing chief, Karin Landgren, told reporters Monday that the U.N. was “confident the parties will come to some agreement” before Jan. 15 on a new system for monitoring cadres in the cantonments. Her grim assessment earlier this month to the U.N. Security Council was likely more candid: she described the peace process as “largely deadlocked” and referred to the specter of a renewed Maoist revolt or a state Army-backed coup.”

Nepal’s Restive Revolutionaries

Unease about a new Maoist revolt flares up as U.N. peace monitors leave.

In the midday heat, Jeevan Budha sits on a rickety wooden armchair stranded in the middle of an open, bone-dry field. He’s speaking with a young Nepalese female graduate student about why his side—the country’s Maoists, formerly a guerrilla group and now a political party—will correct the failure of previous regimes to address women’s rights in Nepal. The country’s Maoists, who fought a bitter insurgency from 1996 to 2006 and now are locked in a political stalemate with their adversaries, have presented themselves as being on the righteous side of history. “Weapons are not powerful—powerful are those who have strong ideas and humanity,” says Budha (whose Yoda-like phrasing could simply be a matter of idiosyncratic translation). But, ultimately, it is as much their weapons as their populist ideology that makes the Maoists potent.

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