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Nepal: People’s Liberation Army Won’t Hand Over Arms

Posted by hetty7 on January 22, 2011

This article is from The Red Star Online

Nepal – People’s Liberation Army Says They Will Not Hand Over Arms

Kathmandu, 7 January: “We don’t hand over the arms to the caretaker government; the arms will be with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is in the process of integration,” said PLA Chief Nanda Kishor Pun ‘Pasang’ talking with correspondent of The Red Star today.

Clarifying the issue of the arms that has been raised by the government to be the expression of breaching all the understandings and the agreements committed before. He added that the weapons are the weapons not stolen from anywhere or given by the government; rather the weapons are exchanged by the blood of the warriors who were/are fighting against the feudalism and comprador capitalism.

The caretaker government or one of the concerned actors of the peace process has no ethical right even to pronounce this word. No one concerned actor has its right to violate the procedures of ongoing peace process and push the nation into a long term violation.

In course of talk, Pasang added that he is not dissatisfied with the leaders of the party; we are talking for the exit from national complexities that are created objectively within the party and tough conspiracy in the nation by the elements, who want to derail the peace process.

3 Responses to “Nepal: People’s Liberation Army Won’t Hand Over Arms”

  1. Alaukik Upadhaya said

    Whither PLA Settlement Process?
    Our country is in a transition period and we all know that our leaders are though willing or unwillingly to some extent busy on making common consensus and trying to make new government and prime minister which will ultimately help to bring new constitution on time whether it is gift constitution or representative constitution/ Unitary or Federal Constitution. The constitution making process of UK started at early 12th century and ends at late 17th century. In UK there is “unwritten constitution” which means all kinds of acts and laws are there but simply there is an absence of book shaped constitution. Here, what I want to put forward is that in Nepal too we have all kinds of acts simply there is a lack of implementation. So, prior to making constitution first of all we must try to bring lasting peace. In second place comes the Constitution. No doubt, the people liberation army handover program to Nepalese Government is a major success. In spite of getting such chance if we keep on lengthening the process then it will create a serious problem and may hamper the peace process too. It is true that Nepal Army and Nepal Police is free from political philosophy and ideology but unfortunately those peoples liberation army are those armies who have communist ideology and had hoisted their flag and gun for Maoism. So, to mix them in Nepal Army and Nepal Police is not a good idea. We should create a separate security force such as Border Security force or emergency rescue team. But they should be continuously monitored and we should try to take them off from their previous communist ideology through various attractive programs and rehabilitations. Heavy Arms and ammunition must be given to them only when it is clear that they won’t use it for their own political interest. It should be monitored as long as it is needed. But, most of the PLA have already felt that the flag they had hoisted and the war they had fought is only for their leaders luxurious five star hotels stay, limousines and for the expensive shirting and suiting for their supreme leaders. The recent suicide stories from PLA camps all over Nepal is a burning example of their frustration and most of the PLA fighters have even do not hesitate to tell this bitter truth openly in public meetings too. The transformations from jungle life to urban life have made those high ranking leaders a luxurious gobbling monster. The feast party provided by Maoists party with a variety of meal at Shaktikhor amazed all of us. Those leaders whose daily diet was limited on beaten rice and Wai Wai Noodles have crossed the limit. Maoist’s supremo Mr. Dahal doesn’t want to spend the earning for the welfare of his cadres that was gathered by his PLA fighters with extortion from business men and government officials. With the departure of UNMIN, he is afraid that he might have to spend those collected money to support the livelihood for his PLA fighters so he hastily handed over those fighters to Nepal Government. Like wise, he is even optimistic that he might get the post of prime minister if those PLA fighters are handed to Nepal Government. Now it’s the time of government to solve the problem of PLA fighters in an effective way which will ultimately help to settle this decade long civil war as well as to eliminate the use of arsenal among the other outfit parties too.

    Alaukik Upadhaya
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  2. maitri said

    interesting post above. what do other comrades think on the above comments, such as rajesh and rishi?

  3. Rajesh said

    Let’s wait for some weeks. UCPN (M) is going through upheavals within itself, at this moment.

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