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Nepal: English Translation of Maoists’ 2009 Constitutional Proposal

Posted by celticfire84 on January 23, 2011

Maoist demonstration in Kathmandu, Nepal

We have received a recent English translation of the draft Nepali Constitution that the Maoists proposed in 2009.

This draft was presented in the Constituent Assembly two years ago where opposing class forces put forward opposing visions for a new Nepal. Because the Assembly and political process has been deadlocked — between antagonistic and opposing forces — this draft constitution never went further than debate.

At the time (2009) this draft was associated with Baburam Bhattarai, one of the Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) — a leader now leading one of the contending factions within that party.

Part of the current debate among the Maoists themselves, now two years later, is precisely over what kind of federal republic to fight for — with some forces insisted that the goal should be a peoples democratic federal republic (not merely a democratic federal republic).

As a result the vision included in this draft constitution has itself been controversial.

Download the Draft Constitution here as a PDF file.

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When this draft was first issued in 2009,  Lal Salaam Canada wrote the following description.

Maoists unveil their proposed constitution for federal Nepal

Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who heads a committee formed by his party, Unified CPN (Maoist), for determining the party’s vision on democracy has unveiled the party’s draft proposal through his personal website.

The Maoists’ draft maintains liberal stance on fundamental rights of the people such as freedom of expression, right to form political parties, right to assembly, among others. The draft divided into 21 parts and 145 articles authorises the state governments to form paramilitary force or militia but the national army would be formed after integration between the People’s Liberation Army and Nepal Army.

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Nepal: Prachanda on Possibility of Revolt

Posted by redpines on January 23, 2011

Prachanda, Chairman Unified CPN (Maoist)

This interview originally appeared in the Jan 16-31 issue of The Red Star.

Revolt means bringing millions of people to the street

United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) is leaving Nepal. What will happen to peace process in the absence of UNMIN?

We are talking with other political parties to extend the tenure of UNMIN because the role of UNMIN has been clearly determined since peace process began, in the interim constitution, and other understandings and agreements that were reached among the political parties. The peace process is reaching its last stage. The extension of UNMIN is, therefore, necessary. We have written a letter to the United Nations requesting UNMIN’s continuity. However, the government and other parties have objected to it. We have also requested the UN to devise an alternative mechanism or system tofacilitate the peace process, if the UN  does not take any decision to continue its mission in Nepal.

In this situation, a political office might be set up here, which, we think, could monitor the peace process. So far as I have understood, the UN is preparing in that way. The UN is in favour of establishing an office for monitoring peace process. There are, certainly, some questions raised on who would monitor in place of UNMIN and what may be the alternative mechanism and what will happen to the ongoing peace process. However, I do not think that the peace process will be derailed after January 15 because we are discussing the matter with the other political parties. Even the international situation is unlikely to accept any steps against the process. Although, if we observe the activities and the intention of the government, it becomes clear that they want to provoke the Maoist party, derail the peace process and push the nation into a long conflict. However, all of the political parties do not agree with the government and the entire situation does not seem so. Secondly, we are in a serious discussion with the other political parties on forming an alternative of UNMIN. I think it will be resolved through consensus before January 15. We want to appeal people not to be terrified by thinking that the peace process will break down and conflict will take its place. However, the situation is very sensitive. Harsh and complex situation may have to be faced if the aspirations of the peace agreement and the interimconstitution are not addressed. But, we are sure that there is no alternative to national consensus.

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India: You can jail a revolutionary, but…

Posted by Mike E on January 23, 2011

Thanks to Red Flags for this.

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