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Prachanda Targets the Obstacles to Nepal’s Progress

Posted by celticfire84 on January 27, 2011

Prachanda, leader of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

This originally appeared on on January 24th, 2011.

Kathmandu, 24 January: CPN-Maoist is clear over ground after the situation bringing People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under the Special Committee for Integration of Army.

This was the last condition put forwarded by the old political parties before Maoist party. PLA soldiers are under the special committee and Maoist party has become ‘civil party’ in their eyes. Maoist party has claimed the consensus government under its leadership due to be the largest party in the Constituent Assembly and, in the situation, the resignation of the caretaker government.

Maoist Chairman Com. Prachanda has expressed his hope to form the consensus government under his party leadership. He has informed the public about the talk he is holding among the political parties.

The talk is ‘positive’ among the political parties and, specially, ‘between the three major parties’. He claimed that the reliable ground is being made for the consensus government.

Chairman Prachanda said that the peace and constitution will be cover up on time if the consensus government is formed under the leadership of Maoist party. He repeated his party’s commitment to write the constitution on time. He said,

“The PLA has been brought under the special committee, which is the evident of commitment that the PLA and the Maoist party are very flexible to complete the peace process by writing constitution.”

He added that the ball is in the court of the side of the government. The response of the government will decide where the nation takes its bend.

However, the government side and the old political parties are rigid as they were before. They are hatching conspiracies to avoid the created new situation. They are saying some further steps are still left to be completed. They are intentionally trying to prolong the duration of the caretaker government, which is against the constituent assembly and the peace process as well as writing a new constitution.Source of party says if the situation is turned opposite to the peace process, Maoist will be forced to initiate national resistance movement for the protection of the nation.

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